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Michelle Alfonso

Freelance Illustrator & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Manchester, New Hampshire, United States
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Hello, I'm Michelle. Thank you for visiting my profile. Here is me in a nutshell:

I am a flexible and versatile illustrator.

I have a solid footing in composition and design.

I am capable of depicting illustrations in most mediums ranging from digital to traditional.

I have illustrated children's books and single shot illustrations.

I enjoy character design.

I can operate Photoshop CS4.

I am a quick learner.

I am acquiring a background in business.

A little more in depth about myself, I really am passionate about illustration and art. If I am not working on a project for a client I am working on my own projects daily. Right now I am putting together my business plan for my own online store, working on a graphic novel, and a graphite drawing series. Do not let this concern you, I can drop any of these projects at any time to focus on a client's project. I just find it important to always maintain and grow in skill as an illustrator.

I am a movie junkie. I love animals. I love art, figure skating, sports, and all things silly. I enjoy a good laugh and working hard at the same time. I usually use my art to depict what is on my mind whether it is a character from a story I have made up, fan art, or and image I can not get out of my head generated from a song I listened to.

Anyhoo, thank you again for stopping by I look forward to working with you.
- Michelle