Debra Ferris

Freelance Article Writer & Content Writer

Location:Darrouzett, Texas, United States
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Executive Summary: "Absolutely PHENOMENAL technical writer and communicator. Hire this person, seriously" - Client Feedback, ODesk, 2012

Professional freelance writer with 10 + years experience, 4 as a seasoned veteran on ODesk. Do not contact me if you are unwilling to treat me fairly and respectfully. I will not perform work without a signed contract. No "free tests".

I effectively create 100% UNIQUELY WRITTEN material (i.e. no cut and paste, no plagiarism) for a diverse clientele ranging from the translation of highly complex chemical concepts (a past project) into more "user friendly" material to general interest articles focused on SEO concepts and keyword usage. I have even worked up a few PowerPoint presentations, collaborated on grant proposals, worked up press releases, and written articles for the local newspaper and have a feature article in a local county magazine (HC Magazine, Athens, TX). I may not work for 2.00/500 words but, you get a HECK of a lot pf bang for your buck with me!

I have a BS in Natural Resource Management and particularly interested in writing jobs that involve environmental issues, wildlife, and hunting. I also have over 10 years' experience in the medical field, 5 as a medic in the USAF, 1990-1995, Operation Desert Storm (remember THAT??)

I am adept at jumping into multiple roles and always eager to take the lead and involve myself in additional duties, in previous roles outside ODesk.

Intelligent, creative, honest, and frank. Excellent at problem solving and taking initiative - if I do not know something, I will learn it and become an expert. I have great WORKING PARTNERSHIPS with my clients however, I ask that you COMMUNICATE your needs to me to get the job accomplished as efficiently as possible with the time that we have together to maximize a positive outcome for your organization and for ODesk.

I have a proven track record, a 4.88 rating (out of 5.0), and a lot of very happy clients.

Hire me and I will take care of all of your writing needs efficiently, with urgency, and with a sense of humor. I only ask that you treat me with the same respect and courtesy that you would expect from me. I have worked with some borderline personalities in the very recent past and and will ONLY take clients who treat me with courtesy and respect, have excellent communication skills and who have clear goals and expectations from me for their project. I do not deal with abusive, or rude people and I do not work with people who do not clearly communicate their needs with me. Mind reading is not on my list of abilities.
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