Jackson Dean

Freelance Website Programmer & Website Designer

Location:Valdosta, Georgia, United States
2 Skills
Languages /libraries I have experience with
Javascript ( jQuery, backbone.js, underscore.js, require.js)

Experience & Skills

-Practical knowledge and experience working with Javascript (functional and
object-oriented styles). I have experience with module and MV* design patterns.

-I work with the following libraries everyday: backbone.js, jQuery, require.js.

-Experience using PHP MVC frameworks and implementing restful APIs.

-Experience developing complex SQL logic requiring multiple table joins.

-Experience hand coding responsive, mobile-friendly CSS3, using media
queries, ems, and percentages.

-Experience writing semantic HTML5.

-Experience using Chrome Dev Tools for debugging Javascript, CSS, and PHP.

-Practical on-the-job experience using Git version control.

-Solid foundation in Object-Oriented Programming concepts: Classes, objects, inheritance, ploymorphism, and dynamic binding.

Relevant Work Experience

Azalea Health • 105 W Central Ave • Valdosta, GA 31601
May 2014 - Present
I work on a development team that maintains and enhances a complex, large-scale
SPA. I mainly focus on front-end development, and I am expected to debug and/or add
features to the application using any range of skills from advanced Javascript to basic
HTML and CSS. The front-end architecture consists of backbone.js (with jQuery,
underscore, and require). I also work with the back-end (custom, in-house PHP
framework + mySQL) on a regular basis. We use Git for version control.

VSU Student Union • 1500 N Patterson St • Valdosta, GA 31698
Aug 2013 - June 2014
I was an Audio/Visual Technician. I was responsible for setting up laptops (Windows
and Mac, but usually Windows) for events held by student organizations. I was
responsible for basic troubleshooting, and I dealt with basic internet connection

Relevant Education
Valdosta State University • Valdosta, GA •
Graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in English.

Computer science, advanced mathematics, and physics courses:
Java Programming 1 & 2
Calculus and Analytical Geometry 1 & 2
Calculus based Physics 1 & 2