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Lauren Bromley

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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I'm a former Language Arts and Reading teacher, looking to get back in to editing and possibly some writing and illustrating. In college, I started as a journalism major, and took many English/literature courses. I ended up majoring in Psychology and minoring in Counseling and English. In 2008, I had the opportunity to work as an editing assistant for a non-fiction, overseas missions/volunteering magazine. I received on-the-job training while working one-on-one with their head editor. Some of my duties were analyzing past sales to determine which books would be selected for purchase from their in-magazine catalog and writing short, descriptive summaries (blurbs!) of their content; building spreadsheets and designing mock-ups for the final catalog design and then translating that information for the graphic design department; and extensive proofreading of all articles included in the issue, editing for grammar as needed, choosing suitable, attention-grabbing "pull-quotes," and rearranging content for better overall flow and readability.
In 2010, I worked as a copy editor for a publishing company. I was responsible for editing around 15 manuscripts each month. These ranged from non-fiction, informative books, to fiction, books of poetry, and children's books, both fiction and non. I read each manuscript thoroughly, correcting grammar, punctuation, verb tenses, word usage, spelling, and formatting according to the publisher's standards. I made sure that all grammar adhered to the current Chicago Manual of Style and checked all word spelling against Merriam-Webster's dictionary. For each manuscript, I composed a style sheet noting any outstanding, recurrent errors, and made in-depth notes and suggestions to be referred to by following editors on character development and inconsistencies, errors, or "holes" in the plot development, as well as noting any missing or, adversely, any superfluous, unnecessary text- basically anything that would take the reader "out of" the story. I feel like my strength lies in editing, both for grammar and conceptually, to help with the flow of a plot. I'm also interested in creative writing and would love to help someone brainstorm and develop their ideas into something great! Through my experiences editing and working with children (my day job is working at a high school, and I taught elementary in the past), I have developed an interest in children's literature, and would like to share ideas and help writers polish their stories into something entertaining and meaningful for kids. I have an interest in art, and a little talent with drawing, primarily. I've also been taking painting classes recently, to try and branch out a little. I also love photography and am beginning to learn how to combine these media through Photoshop, although I'm still fairly inexperienced with this.
Although book editing is my primary focus, I'm also interested in other types of editing. I'm interested in helping people strengthen their resumes, letters of intent, mission statements, or even brainstorming and perfecting speeches, toasts, poems, wedding vows, and the like.
I want to help writers improve their work and am flexible and willing to work with them until they are pleased.
In my free time, I like to read (clearly!), write creatively, watch movies and plays, draw, take photographs, rescue old furniture, and spend time with my boyfriend and our two dogs.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and see if I might be a good fit for your project!
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