Robert J Sponable Bob

Freelance Photographer & Real Estate Photographer

Location:United States
2 Skills
Senior Building Inspector for section 8 housing . My responsibility as a Senior Building Inspector is to ensure standard housing quality guidelines put forth by HUD are followed. I inspect buildings that house section 8 tenants to ensure safety and standard housing quality. I work with landlords and local code enforcement to share best practices and make sure that all tenants have a safe and healthy living space. This is a wonderful opportunity as well as tremendous responsibility to ensure I address all deficiencies and follow up with landlords to make sure they have completed the repairs. This position allows me to be a member of a great organization that helps the community and the people living in it. Although I have only been doing the job for a few months it is a great feeling at the end of day. To know the work and inspection I have completed helps the clients involved with the program and assist the landlord with identifying needed repairs to make their properties a safe place to live.
I also run a part time business called RJS Property Preservation. President and CEO of RJS Property Preservation with over 17 years in sales and product development. CEO with business management experience in marketing and promoting consumer driven products. Property owner and Landlord experienced in purchasing and rehab foreclosed properties. Experienced in tenant landlord relationship with rent collection, safety issues, lease compliance, and evictions
• Accomplished in service industry and providing uncompromising customer service to ensure quality, project scheduling and completion on or before due date.
• Solution based selling technique that offers customers real solutions to their business needs. Practical problem solver with innovative techniques and procedures to ensure quality service and project cost control.
• RJS has connections with certified and licensed professionals that are masters in their field of expertise. We are certified in NYS for lead paint practices and procedures and certified by the EPA and HUD. We are also educated and certified for the new 2011 energy conservation codes by NYS.
RJS Property Preservation is a Mortgage Field Service Company specializing in:
* Maintaining securing and trashing out foreclosed properties.
* We offer quality service trash-outs, lock changes, winterization, landscaping, and minor repair work.
* We are dedicated to setting the standard for professionalism and quality at a competitive rate.

RJS is proud to represent and work with 5 national companies and 4 local real-estate agents and have serviced over 1650 properties since we started. It is our commitment to quality service, professional care and attention to detail to assist in putting properties back into the market place.

RJS has added a new client for property inspections we are photo documenting properties and verifying occupancy. We are using InspectorADE program to report on assigned properties.
I am also doing insurance inspection for damage reports. I photo-document all damages and report any findings to the company.