Fran Mastropolo

Freelance Fiction Writer & Proofreader

Location:Apex, North Carolina, United States
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When I first entered the employment world, I started out in business, working my way up from administrative assistant to recruiting manager. After having a successful career that lasted over thirty years, I retired from business, and very shortly after that I decided to enter the world of education. I went back to school and got my graduate degree in special needs, and began working with students who were autistic. Once I began to work with my students, there was no looking back - I love teaching. I have been an educator for 12 years, and am currently a second grade teacher. Part of the curriculum that I teach requires me to teach my students how to write cohesively. For me, it's amazing to see their metamorphosis throughout the school year as they gain confidence and learn to "paint a picture" with their words. I admit that I am passionate about writing. For me, it is not just a process, but most importantly, a sharing of ourselves through an enjoyable, creative journey that allows us to expose our innermost thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

I am at a point in my life where I will be retiring soon, and am looking to do something that is meaningful and fulfilling. I love to write, and would jump at the opportunity to become involved in any writing assignments, ranging from proofing work to editing or writing independently. Life is a journey. What better way to experience that journey other than to share it with others, while learning more and using the talents that we have been given?
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