Brad Burris

Freelance Project Manager & Content Writer

Location:Warner Robins, Georgia, United States
2 Skills


1999 Ed. S. Degree, School Counseling, Fort Valley State University
1996 School Counseling "5 Year-Add On" Masters Degree, Fort Valley State University,
June, 1996
1988 Master of Arts, Human Resources Development, Webster University, 1988
1981 Bachelor of Arts, Spanish, University of Georgia, 1981


HCBOE --- Warner Robins, Georgia
(August 1991 - Present)

Guidance Counselor
Provide guidance and counseling services in an educational setting comprised of over 700 individuals
• Oversee organizational intervention teams focusing on improving individual performance
• Assess educational and developmental needs and strategize interventions targeting improvement
• Assist with data compilation incorporating goal development, benchmark measures, and progress monitoring
• Provide individual guidance and counseling
• Provide guidance training and support for small and large groups
• Coordinate and provide consultative services
• Coordinate and provide response services (preventive and remedial)
• Provide system (school, system, and community) support affecting all aspects of the counseling program

Spanish Teacher
Taught Spanish foreign language exploratory courses to approximately 130 individuals daily
* Assessed educational and developmental needs and strategized interventions targeting improvement
• Integrated social and multi-cultural aspects within a language foundation.
• Formulated training approaches targeting individual and group competencies

NORTHROP CORP. & EG&G DYNATREND, INC. --- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Washington D.C. Area
August 1988 - August 1991

District Manager
Oversaw and coordinated property management services for seized/forfeited property in support of various U.S. Department of the Treasury agencies
• Coordinated the acceptance, storage, maintenance and final disposition actions for seized property
* Provided training and support for subcontractors in support of property management activities
• Monitored subcontractor performance of various property management services
• Conducted on-going subcontractor contracts and procurement activities
• Coordinated government auction activities for all seized and subsequently forfeited property


U.S. ARMY ----- Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Nuremberg, Germany, and Ft. Jackson, SC July 1981 - July 1988

Captain, Assistant Systems Manager
Conducted program management activities encompassing research and development, testing, evaluation, and acquisition requirements for U.S. Army target acquisition radar systems
• Analyzed organizational and operational needs and requirements for target acquisition radars
• Assisted with training program design and implementation for target acquisition radars
• Conducted technical briefings and staff studies for senior staff officers
• Resolved manpower and personnel integration issues throughout the radar systems life cycle

Captain, Intelligence/Security Manager
Supervised intelligence and security programs for a nuclear-capable Field Artillery Battalion
• Analyzed, cataloged, and interpreted intelligence data affecting tactical operations for a 500 member organization
• Conducted organizational and operational intelligence planning and senior staff level briefings
• Supervised and directed all nuclear security training programs
• Conducted in-processing and background investigations on newly assigned personnel

1st Lieutenant, Staff Liaison Officer
Provided operational liaison support between senior staff and higher level command headquarters
• Communicated organizational and operational objectives within a multi-organizational framework
• Provided analysis and recommendations for tactical and systemic operations
• Engaged in computer simulated war exercises involving tactical and nuclear weapons use in Europe

1st Lieutenant, Executive Officer
Directed and coordinated on-going training readiness within a Field Artillery Battery
• Supervised operational readiness posture and training for approximately 120 personnel
* Directed and coordinated nuclear-weapons training and readiness
• Conducted tactical planning activities for "war time" implementation
• Supervised multi-million dollar maintenance and supply activities for self-propelled howitzers
• Enhanced Quality of Work Life (QWL) environment for all assigned personnel

1st Lieutenant, Officer-in-Charge
Directed on-going technical weapons training for 2,100 soldiers
• Developed, implemented, and supervised weekly training on various military weaponry for 2,100 personnel
• Conducted program evaluation of training development needs and budgeting requirements
• Coordinated the safety prevention and weapons accountability programs