Dean Marshall (ooleg)

Freelance Children's Book Writer & Creative Writer

Location:United States
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I have an book being published with Tate publishing, one in progress getting ready to sign with durance. My writing skills range from poetry, romance, psychology, i would like to add as many avenues as i can. I was born with alcohol fetal syndrome which is amazing that i have been able to write as well as i can, though i need editors to correct me at times. I use my writing to offset anxieties that i suffer from. I am placing a sample of the three books one is being published now, one is being finished and one is just getting started writing it with the kids i help care for. There are five of them. A depressed 15 year old, an eleven year old with asperger's syndrome, a seven year old with anger and other disorders, a five year old with separation anxieties, and a three year severely autistic. i will also provide a sample of my poetry