Terri Dixon

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Location:Ottawa, Kansas, United States
2 Skills
Summary of Qualifications
• More than ten years experience in system administration, and over a decade in customer service.
• Experience with systems analysis and design, information system security, programming, databases, and web application design.
• Knowledge of multiple desktop operating systems, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques.
• Sound problem resolution, judgment, and decision-making.
• Excellent organizational skills with ability to manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced team environment.
• Strong work ethic and excellent communication skills.

Computer Information Systems, Mar 2003
Concentration in Programming
DeVry University, Kansas City, MO

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Italian, 1999
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Technical Skills
Languages: Java, Visual Basic, SQL, XHTML, CSS, PHP, COBOL, Python
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8, 7, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008; Linux, DOS, and Mac.
Networks: Experience configuring wireless clients, and administration of VLANs using IPAM servers.
Hardware: Capable of troubleshooting and configuring x86/x64 PCs, Dell servers and HP printers.
Administration Tools: More than five years experience administrating both Active Directory Domain Services and System Center Configuration Manager to manage workstations.
Other technical proficiencies: MS Office Suites XP-2010; FTP clients; web servers (Apache & IIS); desktop & server virtualization; remote desktop connections (RDP & VNC); databases (Oracle & MySQL); VB & batch scripting; customized installers (exe & msi)


Aberrant Web Design
Owner, Web Developer/Designer

• Owner of a freelance web design company since 2010?

• Works with various design tools and software programs to implement web designs and functionality?

• Extensive experience with web design with focus on usability and best practices?

• Develops brand and corporate identities in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors?

• Known for creativity, flexibility, listening skills, sense of humor and the ability to understand the big picture, while able to focus on small details

University of Kansas Student Housing
IT Manager
• Provide comprehensive Desktop computer support (Win XP Pro/7/8) for Student Housing’s 600 full and part-time staff.

• Responsible for large-scale information technology communication and planning, hardware and software support, purchasing and ordering of equipment, training and supervising technicians, policy development, and network security throughout Student Housing.

• Coordinate and manage staff access, system integrity and security, and remote-site user support.

• Plan, coordinate, and communicate technology services, including all IT upgrades, patches, replacements, and security information.

• Evaluate and implement new technology to meet established staff needs.

• Research and recommend purchase of hardware and software, licenses, etc.

• Provide detailed training sessions and documentation for new software.

• Create and maintain individual user accounts, groups, shared directories, and printers on servers housed centrally at the University Computer Center using Microsoft Active Directory.

• Develop and manage standard desktop images of operating systems and software.

• Maintain a system of standardized hardware, desktop configurations, technology policies, and practices throughout Student Housing.

• Develop and maintain standardized individual technology trainings for all new staff hires within Student Housing.

• Plan and manage physical access to Student Housing facilities for staff and residents using CBORD CS Gold.

• Recruit, hire, train, supervise and evaluate a staff of two student employees. Ensure on-going training and staff development so they will be able to provide effective service. Plan and direct their activities toward the goal of quick problem resolution throughout their assigned areas of responsibility.

• Provide group policy support by consulting, designing, and implementing group polices to control the user interface for workstations, and servers. Document and update existing GPOs while planning consolidation and elimination of redundant and unused GPOs to create a more efficient policy infrastructure.

• Administration of print servers and file servers.

• Assess, deploy, and update servers, client computers, and devices across physical, virtual, and mobile environments.

• Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 deployment on varied environments.

• Microsoft SCCM package creation and task sequence advertisements.

Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Technology Support Technician II

• Assessed, deployed, and updated servers, client computers, and devices across physical, virtual, and mobile environments.

• Authenticated and authorized all Kansas City Metro SRS users and computers within the SRS network. Assigned and enforced security policies for all computers in the network and installed or updated software on network computers.

• Installed, configured, maintained and updated SRS software including operating systems, software, security, patches, and drivers.

• Installed, configured, and maintained peripherals including printers, scanners, projectors, multi-media equipment, and video conferencing.

• Installed, configured, maintained and updated SRS computers including Windows desktops, laptops, and virtual desktops.

• Managed and configured operating systems, applications, and users' settings in an Active Directory environment.

• Responsible for patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, and hardware and software inventory via System Center Management Configuration.

• Provided Desktop support (Win XP Pro/7) to staff both in the office and in the field both physically and remotely.

• Extensive experience with Active Directory, Domain Name System, Windows Internet Naming Service, and Microsoft Exchange.

• TCP, IP and IP routing, LAN, WAN, SAN designs, bridges and switch configuration.

• Configured domain security policies and local security policies.

• Created groups, users and assigned share permissions.

• Racking and patching equipment as necessary to maintain patch panels, racks, and servers.

• Monitored the LAN/WAN network environment including: routers, switches, firewalls, Internet access and software applications.

U S Marines, Kansas City, MO
IT Specialist

• Planned and prepared technical reports, memoranda, and instructional manuals as documentation of program development.

• Performed in-depth analysis of automated and manual systems to accomplish design assignments. Used advanced programming techniques to interpret, design, and write programs.

• Installed, structured, tuned, and maintained database operating systems and software on mainframe computers.

• Analyzed data for accuracy, validity and integrity.

• Performed statistical and data analyses, interpreted and evaluated results, and prepared reports.

• Converted project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to detailed logical flow charts for coding into computer language.

Social Security Administration, Kansas City, MO
Computer Operator

• Maintained, analyzed, and tested programs using COBOL, JCL, and ISPF.

• Maintained and revised lists, control records, and coding schemes necessary to process source data, code data, and calculation of batch totals.

• Used TSO/ISPF to manage and manipulate datasets.

• Assisted in the development of paperless report writing.

• Operated within mainframe environment preparing instructions to run programs.

• Operated peripheral equipment which included mounting tapes and disks on respective devices.

• Operated on-line mainframe computers, microprocessing units and associated terminals, tape drives, printers and other peripherals.

• Ran production (batch) assignments and established backup files. Completed the nightly batch processing; ensuring the availability of online computer systems; and scheduled, monitored and processed daily/night work.

• Operated AS400 console and peripheral equipment, including Tape Library.

• Automated jobs using Control-M Advanced Job Scheduler.

• Performed daily backup of systems.

Kansas Department of Labor, Topeka, KS
Program Specialist

• Creating profiles and configuring the group policies.

• Creating users, grant permissions.

• Managing file server and printers.

• Installed, configured, and maintained peripherals including printers, scanners, projectors, and multi-media equipment.

• Antivirus software implementation.

• Providing emergency support in case of system, network and server problems.

Internal Revenue Service, Kansas City, MO
Tax Examiner

Truman Behavioral Health, Homeless Support Project, Kansas City, MO
Community support worker

Allen Press, Lawrence, KS
First time out Proofreader

• Inspected and corrected manuscripts that were transformed into printed journals and electronic media.

• Insured accuracy of data, made up of specialized nomenclature, mathematics, statistics, chemical symbols, formulae, tables, figures and bibliographic references.

Lawrence Journal World.
Part-time Computer Operator

• Collected and developed monthly performance statistics.

• Operated within mainframe environment preparing instructions to run programs.

• Operated peripheral equipment which included mounting tapes and disks on respective devices.

• Monitored console and network systems using operating system utilities; interpreted console messages from the system software or applications program, and performed required actions.

• Operated on-line mainframe computers, microprocessing units and associated terminals, tape drives, printers and other peripherals.

• Ran production (batch) assignments and established backup files.

United States Army
Military Police Officer

Aberrant Web Design (www.naturalisboring.com), Owner/Designer/Developer
AWD Technology Solutions (www.naturalisboring.com/AWD-Network) Owner
Grown Folks’ Music Radio (www.realshizzle.com). Owner/Producer
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