Lilli Lakelyn

Freelance Song Writer & Bookkeeper

Location:Waterbury, Connecticut, United States
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Five years ago I discovered a new talent. Up late listening to music a hook popped in my head with its own melody. I shamefully sang the words to my cousin a well trained vocalist, who then sang it back ad we were both blown away. From there lyrics flowed from my mind. Then other songs came with new melodies. Honestly I have no formal music or writing training. I have always had a strong relationship with music first thru family and then my training in classical ballet, modern and jazz that I began at seven and continued into college. I am a ballroom instructor today and I constantly listen to a variety of music. In fact my songs have come in various styles including pop, country, r&b, jazz, broadway, I even have a tango song. My favorite style is r&b. My lyrics are clever, universal, relateable, with catchy hooks. My songs tell stories.
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