Thomas Bartlett

Freelance Graphic Designer & Writer

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
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I am a recent college grad (Multimedia Design Major/ English Minor) looking to further my experience in writing, film/television production, and music production. My passions in life are music, film, drawing, painting, and writing. I love to create and to help others achieve their vision with my technical abilities and imagination.

I have worked in television production as a PA for the past five years, gaining a vast knowledge of tools and techniques. I have operated cameras, various audio boards, edited and played out graphics (Deko, iNews, Duet, PS, AE are a few of the programs used), produced and written segments of news, and directed (technical and script). I was promoted to full time Senior Director when I was still a full time student in college, and was able to balance both until my wife and I moved to D/FW in hopes of finding new creative challenges. I am currently employed to a network news affiliate and am considered "per diem", so my schedule can be tricky but is mostly flexible. I am proficient with various design programs and techniques. Anything I don't know off-hand, with a little coaching, I can pick up almost immediately.

My full resume is available upon request.
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Graphic Design