Brandon Loureiro

Freelance Advertising Photographer & Commercial Photographer

Location:Long Beach, California, United States
2 Skills
Assistant Photographer ?“In His Image Photography” - Signal Hill, CA?August 2013 to Present??- Import raw files into digital professional to color correct, exposure correct and sharpen images before exporting them for further editing. ?- Open images into Photoshop for any blemishes that need to be corrected before final upload to H&H color lab software. ?- Crop images in H&H color lab software to fit 8x10 and 5x7 templates. ?- Input each child’s name and package information with correct file(s) before sending to lab for print. ?- Second shooter on larger volume team or classroom shoots. Which includes making sure each child had their package envelope filled out correctly and the right payment for said package, correct image number to accompany the child’s package, to insure correct images are sent to the right customer. ? -Assisting with setting up and tearing down lighting as well as back drops, benches and props. ??Photographer?“Brandon Loureiro Photography” - Long Beach, CA?2012 to Present??-Finding locations to hold shoots ?-Set up my own lighting equipment ?-Guide model(s) in direction towards my vision for the shoot. ?-Keep subject relaxed and having fun. ?- Using Photoshop and Light room for photo correcting

Photographer Assistant ?“Roneil Chavez Photography”-Long Beach, CA
June 2013
-“Kingsfoil” music video. ?-Behind the scenes photography. ?-Responsible for taking behind the scenes shots while assisting Shots of the band, helping Producer and Videographers with lighting and camera equipment.

Accomplishments:?-Extensive knowledge and experience with Adobe Light room and Photoshop.?-Hired to photograph a line of aggressive roller blades for the sub company called 'Xsjado' under the parent company 'Powerslide' based out of Germany. ?-Photos featured in an online gentleman’s fashion magazine called “Porter”.
-Featured in 'One Blade Magazine' ?-Photographed commercial shots of the skates for eCommerce webpage display. ?-Photographed events sponsored by the company 'Xsjado'
-Various freelance work including maternity , model look book/head shots, engagement , family portraits, commercial product, lifestyle and action sports, action sport portraits