Freelance Digital Artist & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Apo, United States
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Mig, oxyacetalyne torch, and plasma torch with experience in carpentry. Many projects built out of steel and wood for customers and side-jobs over the last ~12 years. Extensive computer hardware and software experience-custom built computers. photoshop, manga studio, blender3d, inkscape.

Professional Experience

Insitu Inc. Aug 2009 to present
Field service representative/operator/field trainer
Duties include: set up, tear down, maintenance and operation of scaneagle UAS sites to include ground support equipment, ground control stations, structures, antennas and UAVs to fulfill the customer's need. 5 scaneagle land deployments and 1 maritime cruise completed. Site lead and maintenance experience. Assisted demonstration team for 2 week operation. Deploying as lead maintainer for X-300 EOC.

United States Marine Corps Jul 2002 to Oct 2009 honorable discharge as Sgt.
NAS Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, TX (817)782-2931
KC-130T Flight Mechanic
Duties include: turnaround inspections (preflight/post flight), servicing, systems observer for engine start, takeoff, cruise, descent, landing, securing, and normal/emergency procedures. Maintenance training emphasizes familiarization on the following aircraft subsystems; engine, propeller, electrical, bleed-air/anti-ice, fuel, hydraulic, and comm/nav. Operational training: aerial refueling, rapid ground refueling, air-drop/paratroop, low level/LAT, loading/unloading, and high-light/low-light NVIS. operation of ground support equipment: AC/DC power cart, external bleed-air cart, tow tractors, and 7-ton crane also required.

Oneal Steel Feb ? Jul 2008
Dallas, TX (972)869-9473
Welder/Fabricator. Would receive blueprints for weldment, procure required materials, layout, cut, fit, and weld. Required knowledge: setup, use, and minor maintenance of MIG welder (solid-core/flux-core), oxyacetylene cutter/rosebud tip, plasma cutter, drill press, hydraulic press, de-scaler, 10-30 ton overhead crane, forklift, grinders and various other tools. Set up and construction of large weldments without blueprints also required for in-house use.

North Texas Yamaha Mar - Dec 2007
Lewisville, TX (972)420-4000
Builder/Porter. Required to uncrate, assemble, test, and repair/adjust all new vehicles before customer delivery; also required to assist other employees with customer vehicles dropped off for maintenance and/or upgrade. Use forklift to unload and organize new motorcycles, ATV?s, PWC?s, and trailers at dealership. Other duties include building and property maintenance, dealer trade deliveries/pickups, and customer service. Equipment used: sit-down forklift, company truck/trailer, various air tools and hand tools. Motorcycle license required.

Grand Prairie Independent School District Jun 2005 - Present
Grand Prairie, TX (972)343-7618
Contract Illustrator/artist. First job was to design logo for reading program ?Read Across The Prairie? Design used for T-shirts, wristbands, pencils and keychains for entire district. Second job was to illustrate book written by GPISD employees ?The Legend Of Ross The Reader?. Most recent job was to illustrate second book in series, ?Ross the Reader and the Adventure of the Pirate?s Treasure?. Required use of: Wacom drawing tablet, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Bridge, and Microsoft Power Point.
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Digital Art
T-Shirt Design