Andrew Woolfolk

Freelance Creative Writer & Website Designer

Location:Louisa, Virginia, United States
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Andrew Woolfolk is the name. I am currently a rising junior at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and I plan on majoring in Communications with a focus on journalism. I love my school and the atmosphere of it, regardless of what some of the public may have to say about it.

I am interested in a variety of topics. I love music. I love discussing it, writing reviews about CD's, anything. I also have an interest in politics, though politicians leave me frequently disappointed, so my interest waxes and wanes with each passing month.

My main focus is sports, I am a HUGE fan, and very passionate about the intricacies of athletics. I love finding out the story behind the story when it comes to players. I love learning about coaches and what techniques made them effective leaders; I love studying the best athletes and finding out what traits made them stand above the rest. Any time I can get my hand on sports information, I go for it.


Piedmont High School Sports Reporter and Website Designer (2007-2009)
Served in a full-time position following various sporting events and writing articles on them. Gained experience working with a deadline and performing well in a work environment. Also was the chief designer of the website, gaining valuable experience in building web domains.

The Central Virginian-Reporter (2010-present)
Interned as a reporter at a newspaper that circulates to over 10,000 people. Honed skills such as communicating with others, proper interviewing techniques, and getting to know new people. Learned to work well with a group as well as holding myself responsible for assignments.

Liberty University (2009-2011)
Communications Major, Field of Journalism.
Freshman First Semester Grade Point Average: 3.68/4.00.
Freshman Second Semester Grade Point Average: 3.8/4.00.
Sophomore First Semester Grade Point Average: 3.5/4.00
Sophomore Second Semester Grade Point Average: 3.8/4.00
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Creative Writing
Website Design