T.G. Hortman

Freelance Music Producer & Song Writer

Location:Georgia, United States
2 Skills
I'm an imagineer, An idea man, who is also able, to drag those ideas out of imagination and into the real world. I have written hundreds of songs, several of which I produced, played, sang recorded and mixed. Some of those songs have enjoyed radio play.

In 2001 I was backed by three wealthy business men, in a venture I came up with, called "My WebCard". This was before there were ANY kind money cards/re-loadable, gift- or otherwise.

I took many years off from serious creative pursuits to begin a family though I did write some songs from time to time, though still always kept some ideas for the future simmering in the corner of my mind.

I designed the cover for and wrote, an 180.pg, seven chapter, non-fiction book last November (2013) and I am at the moment, beginning work on a fiction book, as well as a 3D animated web-series.

I am skilled at creating simple, to complex slide and movie music videos or video editing.

I have as well, supported myself for over 25yrs in the construction industry- specializing in all things residential. I have owned my own business, as well as, being a highly awarded supervisor/adviser for many well known, property management companies overseeing and coming in under budget on countless high end renovations and new construction projects and would be willing to advise in areas related to that.
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Music Production
Song Writing