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Rayne Wilmot

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Aspiring/Dreamer Graphic Novel author interested in connecting with artist for project

Working on a Graphic Novel set in Kennedy/Nixon Era looking to collaborate with a possible artist with possible style cues/influences ranging from 50s 60s 70s comic book eras paying homage to the old school styles with modern takes, I'm actually very open to different styles this is only meant to inspire.

If Interested here's an example of a possible page one could try to render if interested:

Eisenhower gives farewell address on television warning public of the growing influence of the industrial military complex and its threat to the nations liberties,

Cut to a shadow silhouette of an angry Nixon cursing the former President as he watches, Picks up rotary phone and places a call to a figure to vent his frustration,

We find out the alluded to figure is FBI director Hoover, Nixon is worried his upcoming election is in danger Hoover assures him otherwise...

I have dialogue ready the work is pretty much finished if this peaks your interest please feel free to email me.
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