Adam Prentice

Freelance Comic Artist & Animal Illustrator

Location:Flint, Michigan, United States
2 Skills
I am a self taught sketch artist living in Burton, Michigan. I started copying my sister's sketches as a toddler, and have trained myself as a comic book penciler my entire life. I've lived in complete obscurity from the artistic scene as a builder, a technician, a repairman, a truck driver, and any other mediocre living imaginable to provide for my family and my autistic son. I'm a very loyal and dependable person, who can't sit still until a job is completed, and I constantly need a project to keep me busy. I'm looking to use my creative aptitude rather than my physical abilities in whatever projects may be available in the future. I'm a friendly and creative family man, drug free and dependable, just looking to use the skills I have to provide for my children.
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Comic Art
Animal Illustration