Jermaine Witcher

Freelance Article Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Bassett, Virginia, United States
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Cheers! I happen to be an English major who has a way words. I thoroughly like, no, LOVE writing! I particularly like writing poetry, and have won competitions. I also am very skilled in writing blogs, or anything for that matter. I'm currently doing this to help fund my dream of writing a book, so support me for a good reason!

I also am proficient in writing reports, complete with citations. If research is required on my behalf, the price may slightly go up, depending on my knowledge of the subject beforehand.

With poetry, it can be a poem on anything! You have someone you love, but just can't think of the words to express how you feel? I'm your person! You let me know their name, maybe some memories, and this will really personalize the experience to the person you give it to!

Looking for a unique wedding present? Have you thought about a beautifully written poem, printed out and framed for the lovebirds? I have and they absolutely loved it! All poems are 100% original and 100% tailor made for any occasion!

As stated before, I also like to do a lot of freelance writing. Writing is my passion..hence me majoring in English in college hah. I can keep the article fun and lighthearted, or go about it with a serious demeanor. Your wish is my command! I work VERY quickly and VERY efficiently! You WILL NOT be disappointed!
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