Bianca Ilies

Freelance Artist & Landscape Painter

Location:Mangalia, Constanta, Romania
2 Skills
Sculptors, painters/ Decoration painter, artist / Graphic artist / Mural painter / Painter, artist / Portrait painter / Sculptor, artist / Textile artist

- ability to work in a team
- Communication and relationship skills
- Open to new
- Communication skill and teamwork
- Positive attitude
- Problem-solving orientation
- Capable of working overtime
- Open to new work procedures and new activity programs
- Honesty and confidentiality
- Imagination
- Flexibility
- Dynamic
- Skill
- Highly developed precision and practicality

- Responsibility
- Initiative
- Influencing skills
- Preparation and maintenance of tools and tools necessary
- Acquisition of materials and tools
- SE specific techniques in the high school graduate specialization
- Use of tools and techniques of representation and the specific layout
- Organizing space for activity according to the technique or technology used
- Planning / phasing of activity
- Use specific means of artistic communication
- Used in argument or conversation specialized terminology
- Responsibility

- Computer Knowledge of computer skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Corel Draw)
- Basic computer skills: Word, Internet, editing written work, e-mails, etc.
- Ability to use various equipment (video camera, camera, etc.)
- Capable of learning, other programs with ease

- Fine art
- Painter (easel painting)
- Knowledgeable of the specific techniques used in drawing, painting, modelling
- Development of drawings and paintings on different media
- Easel painting after living model, or static memory and imagination
- Decorative painting
- Modelling
- Models for fashion designer / fashion design or decorating
- Reproduce in detail the various techniques of data models
- Graphic drawings (drawings of the project proposal)
- Interior decoration decorative paintings (oil on canvas)
- Mural
- Painter and designer on various interior design projects (children's rooms, home interiors, decorative panels, etc.).
Other skills - are a flexible person, but also open to new tributary to the tradition, always searching, you find it synonymous with evolution
- Intelligence
- Sensitive
- Trained
- Common sense, respectful, with a sense of measure
- Altruistic
- Aiming primarily a personal evolution as a human, which is why I try to do only those things they find of value and that fit my constitution to ensure the evolution of me
- I like everything related to visual art, especially painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture, cinema and photography
- I have an anthropological interest in painting that is why I like the icon, because theology has in mind, and is in portrait view and a subtle psychological analysis
- Also have a technical interest in terms of art object, which is why I like restoration
- I have an interest environment of astonishing natural and I love nature, natural science, and I love to meet new people, different cultures
- I like reading and listening to music

- I consider myself a person, serious, sincere, which is dedicated to the choice, the diplomatic sense
- Know how to cope with deadlines and be inventive.
Hobbies - my profession, the arts, reading, enriching visual luggage (often "documentation" online)
- Are able to learn because they are always hungry for knowledge
- Aspirations - personal and professional, a perfect balance between personal pursuits which then results in my creative and professional development.
- My lifestyle is defined by the need for stability, and program responsibilities, though with great willingness to what is new and can be successfully treated the way we perceive the world
- Positive cheery personality, good communication skills, impeccable personal hygiene and the ability to work under own initiative.
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Landscape Painting