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Caleb Pyles

Freelance Comedy Writer & Writer

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Caleb Pyles

Education (Where I learned stuff)
Bachelor of Science from Evangel University
Communication with a minor in Leadership (Yes, that is a real minor at EU)

College Life (What I actually got out of school)
I led a team in our Activities Board that wrote skits for sketch shows
I was the “god father” of my floor Krause 2nd South and am still considered a legend on the floor.
I was kicked out of the school’s spiritual ministry group my junior year for reasons that are still hard to explain
I was elected Student Body President for my senior year and served the entire year without being kicked out… thankfully

Work Experience (Some stuff I’ve done so far in life)

Victorian/Basement Tavern – Security (Kind of like a bouncer) - 2014
I feel like a small white guy should never say he is a bouncer; so I tell people I’m “restaurant security”. This involves checking IDs, counting people, clearing out the bar and telling people to stop smoking inside. (It’s 2014… They should know better.) My friend (who just so happens to be a large black male) runs security there… which is the only reason I got the job.

Dream Center Teen Discipleship – Admin Support 2011 – 2013
Working with “at risk” aka messed up teens. Half of the job was hands on, either by doing casework one on one or taking them on activities in groups. The other half was office work, accounting, running their school lunch program, and managing the kitchen staff.

Red Eye Inc. - Intern - 2010
Red Eye is a non-profit organization that gives young Hollywood an opportunity to join a community using their creativity to help humanity. This group gave me a great chance to grow by stretching me to meet whatever needs came our way. This included event planning (I’m really good at fitting massive amounts of supplies in the back of an SUV… sometimes I got the “opportunity” to ride in the trunk as well) Office work, overseeing other volunteers, meeting strict (sometimes ridiculous) deadlines, and being able to go long periods of time with little to no sleep.

Fun Facts (Stuff that’s actually worth showing off)
I officiated a wedding in Vegas
I have successfully performed CPR
I ran a marathon
I am terrible at stand up comedy
I finished the novel Moby Dick… in 4 years
I can also type crazy small
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Comedy Writing