David Snyder

Freelance Chemical Engineer & CAD Freelancer

Location:Deer Park, Texas, United States
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Executive Summary: Results driven engineer with a passion for initializing and completing projects in a timely and cost effective manner, while maintaining safe procedural habits and team harmony.


Project Engineer at plant start up. Specify new equipment.
Create and Maintain P & ID’s with ACAD Design partial plant layout.
Oversee Capital Improvement projects up to $500k Improve process efficiency of raw material loading.
Improve process capacity beyond design specifications. Oversee mechanical contractors prior to plant start up.
Develop safety programs and lead Safety Team. Develop SOP’s for all unit operations.
Provide guidance to meet cGMP guildelines Attain regulatory permits.
Instrumental in Validation of new facility. 15 years total engineering/project experience.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications 1 year of study in ACAD and 6 months PLC logic.
Design acid recycle system, reducing 2nd largest raw material use by 50% Optimized reverse osmosis system to operate beyond manufacturers specifications.


• Partial design of new plant layout.
• Specification of minor equipment of new plant.
• Specification of all equipment for capital improvement projects.
• Attaining in-specification product when using new raw materials while using only 5 MT of raw materials. Typical history was 20 MT of raw material.
• Multi-Tasking as Project Engineer, Process Engineer, Production Supervisor.
• Design and oversee corn syrup tank/feed system.
• Design and oversee corn syrup re-melt system.
• Attain higher through put than main facility in Germany.
• Maintain safe working and ecological environment.
• Advise corn syrup facility as I was process engineer for MCC plant.
• Design and oversee 8 unit apartment complex for personal investment.
• Completed all infrastructure and dwellings of apartment complex in less than 100 days.
• Powder manufacturing facility was explosion free and fire free during my tenure.

Professional Experience:

Alklean Industries: Pasadena, TX Aug. 2013 – present.
• Environmental/design engineer
o Ensure wastewater treatment systems comply with customer needs and regulations.
JRS Pharma: Cedar Rapids, IA June 2007 – May, 2012 Manufacturer of Micro Crystalline Cellulose.
? Process Engineer/Production Manager for Manufacture of Micro-Crystalline Cellulose.
• Manage 16 Production/Packaging employees.
• Instrumental in startup of new manufacturing facility.
• Optimize process to 40% above design capacity.
• Develop and maintain P & ID’s and PFD’s
• Develop SOP’s for all processes.
• Implement cGMP guidelines.
• Design and coordinate capital improvement projects.
• Instrumental in validation of entire new facility.
• Maintain current Air Permits

Mi-T-M Corp.** THIS COMPANY IS AFFILIATED WITH ALKLEAN. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT YET: Peosta, IA. Nov., 2003 – June 2007. Manufacturer of pressure washers and water reclaim systems. Left because commute was 150 miles a day.
? Engineering Manager, Water Reclaim Division.
• Develop and design new water treatment equipment.
• Identify and resolve product inequities.
• Initiate new process control systems for assembled products.
• Research new proposed products.
• Fulfill DNR Permits for Air Quality.
• Maintain waste stream of powder coating operation

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA: 1999 - 2002. Chemical Engineering curriculum. BSE received 12/21/02. Cumulative GPA; 3.3
KIRKWOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1996 - 1999. Completed pre-Chemical Engineering curriculum.
Business and personal references will be furnished upon request.
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