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Angela Pritula

Freelance Book Writer, Ad Designer, & More

Location:Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Phone: 7742395154
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I am a highly motivated artistic person who is extremely creative and multifaceted. Throughout my working life, I have channeled that creativity in various successful endeavors…

For the last 18 years, I have worked as a freelance graphic design contractor in the capacity of production layout artist for Landmark Productions of Naples, Florida. In that position, my duties included but were not restricted to, the page design and layout of various handouts distributed at entertainment venues that were organized for the purpose of fund raising for nonprofit organizations like volunteer fire departments, police departments, EMT associations, and various other organizations. In addition to the revision of the handouts, which included a fire safety and a drug safety guide, I was responsible for the compilation of a now acclaimed and widely distributed child safety guide, which is also used as a handout at these venues.

Throughout the years, I have designed the donor business's ads placed in the handouts, tickets, brochures, flyers, and various other promotion materials and documents. Also during that time, I expanded my freelance efforts by creating various promotional materials... Posters, flyers, and mailers for concerts that were sponsored by a former local Christian radio station.
Most recently, that being the past three years and again this coming year I am solely responsible for the complete design; from the inside and outside cover, to the entire body of the annual yearbook for the Massachusetts AMVETS convention which included the placement of tribute and greeting pages, ads, and full-color photographs.

Another of my accomplishments beyond that of what I've done for Landmark Productions is that I have written and illustrated the first two books in an original fantasy series that is based on biblical prophecy of the Tribulation. Entitled "The Gleaning Time", the two books of the series have been published by America Star Books; formerly known as PublishAmerica. Arc One – In The Beginning was published in 2007, Arc Two - Into The Fields was published in March 2012. Prior to that, I had been an active member of an online community of FanFiction writers at and have contributed over 67 stories. Begun primarily as a hobby as I dealt with the losses I incurred because of MS, I have now expanded my writing skills into my two books and my current work, which includes the planning and laying out of the outline of the third arc of the series and my first attempt at writing a historical romance; about a young interracial couple battling the age old demons of prejudice, the first few chapters of the latter having been uploaded online at However, the writing of the story has been on hiatus since in the last year I've been busy on a ghost writing project for young aspiring novelist writing an apocalyptic novel.

The $20 rate mentioned is actually what I've charged per page for layout. Hourly rates are negotiable.
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