Steffanie Lundy

Freelance Transcriptionist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Whiting, Vermont, United States
2 Skills
My name is Steffanie Lundy, and I am very interested in joining your team as a transcriber. I know I can contribute quality work with a good turn around rate. I can apply over 40+ hours a week to convert your audios into text. Also, I have over 6 years experience in transcribing for my uncle, who’s a lawyer, and more experience (over 4 years) for working in other places like,, and a few others. At 98 WPMS, 2:1 turnaround rate, professional demeanor, and wide range of experience, I will make an extraordinary team member. I can provide quality and quantity and would very much like to extend my services to you. I do live in the United States. Attached is my resume.

Thank you!
Steffanie Lundy

4524 Route 30, Sudbury, Vermont 05733
Cell: (802) 683-0754
As a focused individual, I will be successful at multi-tasking and delivering prompt and friendly service to all customers. I will maintain a positive attitude and a friendly smile during peak hours.
• Quick problem solver
• I thrive in a fast-paced environment
• Committed team player
• Flexible schedule capability
• Professional transcripts with a quick turn around rate!


Transcriptionist- February 2009 to present
Smith Kleine and Associates- Burlington, Vermont
Transcription for SK&A is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. My duties included quick turn arounds for audio to texts, careful editing, good grammar and punctuation, maintaining a professional attitude and service, and good written and verbal skills. My WPM is 82 and my accuracy is about 98.9% on average. Experience in almost all fields, ie: Law, Education, Marketing, Medical, Interviews, 1 on 1, Focus Groups, Speeches, Media, Scripts, and many more!
Dog Groomer's Assistant- July 2008 to September 2009
Diamond Brook Kennel - Hubbardton, Vermont
My job at Diamond Brook Kennel included grooming and boarding dogs. We also boarded other various animals such as cats, birds, and other small animals. The animal-care part of my job entailed taking animals for walks (if needed), feeding, cleaning kennels and giving medications.

Other duties included sales, customer service, making appointments and check ins/outs. I would make phone calls daily for making appointments but as well as following up with a customer after grooming to ensure the client was happy with their purchases. Answering and fulfilling customer requests were a big thing with us. I always did my best and beyond to ensure the quality of my work was of the best. I always made it a point to greet customers with a smile and make them feel welcome.

Otter Valley Union High School 2006 Brandon, Vermont
High School Diploma: General high school classes
Community College of Vermont- 2007 to 2010 Rutland, Vermont
Majored in Business Management and Criminal Law