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Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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As a technical writer and editor, I research, compile, and organize information from which I produce concise written communication. My most important contribution has been creatively translating software developers’, system analysts’, engineers’, scientists’, and project managers’ notes, verbal descriptions, or recorded interviews, on various subjects, into meaningful and informative text that product users would want to read in order to understand a particular process or concept.

I have documented computer system software applications from their inception to their completion as well as maintained living documents of evolving applications. Not only have these documents enabled users to understand and operate products, but they also have made these products more marketable.


Obagi Medical Products; Long Beach, CA
(Contract, Aerotek; Torrance, CA)

Technical Writer

Worked in the pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medical skin-care products industry to produce test scripts from website-module wireframes, with Microsoft Excel, to verify wireframe-design functionality.

Allied Aerospace Industries (AAI) Corporation; Edwards, CA
(Contract, Aerotek; San Diego, CA)

Technical Writer

Worked in the aerospace industry to produce documentation for the Core Unmanned Air Vehicle Control Station (CUCS) in accordance with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) guidelines. This documentation, which pilots use to operate unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) remotely from ground control stations (GCSs), included CUCS map connections (e.g., vehicle handoff initiation, authorization schedule, Class C handoff), flight performance modes, GUIs, illustrations, and tables.

ITT Aerospace Controls; Valencia, CA
(Contract, Aerotek; Northridge, CA)

Technical Writer

• Worked with electrical and mechanical engineers and the Engineering Services Manager in the aerospace-engineering-manufacturing industry to produce the following documentation, in accordance with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) guidelines, for airplane seats
? Component technical specifications; including functionality, software architecture, and physical and electrical descriptions; for linear and rotary actuators, an actuator control unit (ACU), a master control unit (MCU), and a pneumatic controller
? Safety analyses for linear actuators and a pneumatic controller
? Responses to Supplier Data Requirements Lists (SDRLs) from customers
? Parts Manufacturing Authorization Submittal
Physical Optics Corporation (POC); Torrance, CA
(Contract, Aerotek; Torrance, CA)

Technical Editor

• Worked with scientists in the defense-aerospace-biotechnology industry to function-edit the following small business innovation research (SBIR) proposals, reports, and white paper on optic and opto-electronics research and technology prototype development for the manufacturing and marketing of commercial and government products; improving the grammar, logical flow, clarity, and coherence, thereby precisely conveying technical concepts to proposal evaluators

? Proposals

? Optical Wave Guide Integrated Weather Sensor (WAGIS)
? Accurate Autonomous GPS-Denied Location/Subsurface Positioning
? Naval Fiber Optic Rocket-deployable Communication Engagement (N-FORCE)
? Miniature Residual Life Indicator (MRLIN)
? Multifunctional Antisense Therapeutics Nanocarrier (MATEN) and Inhalation
? Nanosatellite Field Emission Electric Propulsion System
? Multiplex Electrochemical Sensor Array (MESA)
? Explosive Electric Radio Frequency Generator (EXELRF)
? Electrically Alternated Phase Shifter (ELAPS)
? 3D Microfluidic Platform for in vitro Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) Culture
? Terahertz-Compatible Nanofluidic Sensor
? Multi-Axis Distributed Vibration Isolation for Seating Assembly
? Strain Measurement with Ultrastrong Transducer Gratings and Imaging Spectral
Monitor (SMUTGISMo)
? Relaxor Acousto-optic Sensor (RELACS)
? Microfluidic Dielectrophoretic Screening System
? Miniature UV Sources for Imaging Applications
? Salt-Water Magnetohydrodynamic Energy Recovery System
? Membrane-Isolated Carbon Dioxide Adsorption System (MICDAS)
? Alternating Injected Charge Electrospray (ALICE)

? Reports

? Field Portable Biomonitor
? Respiratory Function Measurement System for Nonhuman Primates
? Aqua-Ionic Detector
? Mobile ELISA-based Pathogen Detection (MEPAD) System
? Positive Pressure Environmental Boundary System
? Heated Arm Sleeves for the Forearm, Palm, and Wrist for Maintaining Dexterity
? Antimicrobial Polymer Deposition Process for Enhanced Textile Adhesion
? Nonscanning Compton Backscattered X-ray Corrosion Evaluation and
Monitoring System
? Wind Resource Assessment Lidar
? Spinning Inertia Energy Scavenger by Thin-Film Alternator
? Regenerative Enzymatic Biofuel Cell in a Multi-Array Microfluidic Configuration
? Air Force Summary Report

? White Paper

? Vehicle-Borne IED X-ray Imaging System (VIXIS)

Quallion LLC; Sylmar, CA
(Contract, Select Staffing; North Hollywood, CA)

Technical Writer

• Worked with subject matter experts (SMEs: quality and process engineers, and production personnel) in the battery manufacturing industry to produce material, product, and operating specifications for the following products, materials, and assemblies.

? 1100 Aluminum ? Machine Screws
? 5052 Aluminum ? Mylar®
? 6061 Aluminum ? NAS Connector Covers
? A-286 Stainless Steel ? Nickel Tab, 5 mm, Roll
? Acetal ? No-Clean Flux Core Solder
? Alathon® M5350,
High-Density Polyethylene ? Nylon Loop Clamp
? ATK Battery Epoxy (3M Scotch-Weld™ 2216 Two-Part Epoxy and TIGA 321
Two-Part Epoxy) ? Omegabond® 101
Thermal Epoxy
? Battery Assembly ? Pem® Studs
? Cable Ties ? Polycarbonate Sheet
? CAB-O-SIL® M-5 ? Polyester Film (Mylar®)
.010-Inch Thick
? Circuit Breaker ? Resistors
? Copper Sheet, Strip, Plate, and Rolled Bar ? Ring Terminal Lugs
? Cover Assembly with Epoxy ? RTV Silicone
? Domestic Materials and
Specialty Metals ? Separator, 25 µ
? Durette® 400-11 Felt ? Silicone Sponge Closed Cell
18-Inch Thick
? Fuses ? Six-Pin Circular Straight Connector with Mate
? End Cap ? Sorbothane®
? Garolite® ? Super P®
? Grommet ? Thermistors
? Heat Shrink Tubing ? Threaded Rod, 316 SS
? J-Connectors ? Threaded Support Shaft
? Kapton 20 Tape ? Titanium Alloys
? KR1-1 Cordelite ? Washers
? Loctite®

• bills of materials for an ATK (Alliant Techsystems, Inc.) battery pack and cover
• assembly procedures for a 15-amp cell battery pack, case, and cover
• Test method: Case; Deep Drawn, at the 3.144-Inch Dimension; Inspection in the
Restrained Condition

Capstone Turbine Corporation; Chatsworth, CA
(Contract, Aerotek; El Monte, CA)

Technical Writer

• Worked with subject matter experts (SMEs: quality/reliability/development, software test/controls, and power electronics engineers; and Customer Service and Call Center personnel) in the energy industry to
• prepare troubleshooting information for the C200 Turbine and C65 Microturbine Troubleshooting Guides, which included
? documenting fault codes/names/descriptions (meanings/explanations)/causes (conditions that trip the faults)/solutions (corrective actions)
• produce service bulletin for new software release notes

Energy Innovations; Pasadena, CA
(Contract, Aerotek; El Monte, CA)

Technical Writer

• Worked with subject matter experts (SMEs: New Product Introduction Manager, Product Development VP, and test engineers) in the solar industry to
• document current and proposed product development processes
• create product data sheet based on product specifications
• create the following functional validation test procedures
? Functional Validation Test Procedure (FVTP) for the RayTracker™ Bearing Fixture
? Functional Validation Test Procedure (FVTP) for the RayTracker™
Actuator Characterization

DIRECTV®; El Segundo, CA
(Contract, AMC Group LLC; Arcadia, CA )

Technical Writer

• Worked with subject matter experts (SMEs: IT, operations, and security personnel [risk management]; network analysts; system administrators; application developers; change management, configuration management, and asset management) in the payment card industry (PCI) to
? integrate existing policies, procedures, standards, and flows; and Visio drawings identifying systems; into an auditor-provided policy-and-procedure template addressing all payment card industry (PCI) issues
• Formatted operational (business procedures) guide
• Created grammar-usage template

Rapiscan® Systems; Hawthorne, CA

Technical Writer

• Worked with software, algorithm, mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineers; technical lead, document control, and quality assurance personnel; program and product managers; physicists; and other departmental associates in the security manufacturing industry to produce the following technical documents, in accordance with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) guidelines, for complex systems involving electromechanical control, image processing, and advanced GUI
? Secure 1000® Personnel Scanner Operation Manual
(in support of government-contractor requirements)
? Secure 1000® Personnel Scanner Maintenance Manual
(in support of government-contractor requirements)
? Secure 1000® Personnel Scanner Computer Setup
(in support of government-contractor requirements)
? Secure 1000® Personnel Scanner Training Presentation
(in support of government-contractor requirements)
? Anubis Operation Manual
? Anubis Maintenance Manual
? TRX PowerPoint Presentation
? TRX Training Manual
• Photographed products and their components with a digital camera for text illustrations
• Worked with draftspersons and engineers to plan drawings and artwork for documents
• Developed a project schedule based on the project contract
• Produced project status meeting minutes

TEAC® Aerospace Technologies; Monterey Park, CA

Technical Writer

• Worked with software (applications), hardware, systems, manufacturing, and liaison engineers; quality assurance and repair station personnel; program managers; and other departmental associates in the aerospace industry to produce the following high-level technical documents, in accordance with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) guidelines, for military recording and commercial aircraft entertainment products; including theory of operation of circuit boards and complex mechanisms, assembly and disassembly instructions, troubleshooting guides, and repair and operating instructions
? TEAC® Integrated Debriefing Station–970 (TIDS™-970) Operation Manual
? TEAC® Integrated Debriefing Station Model Mini-TIDS Operation Manual
? Eurocopter MASA Program Operations Manual
? Acceptance Test Procedures for the military Mission Data Recorder 80 (MDR-80) and S3B Viking Mass Memory Unit (MMU) Program
? Verification Test Procedure for the Ground Data Debrief System Configuration
? Software Validation Test Procedures for the MDR-80, tape simulation modes (TSMs), and qualification build for the Eurofighter 2000 (EF-2000)
? Functional Validation Test Procedure for the MDR-80
? Test and Programming Procedure for the military Mission Data Recorder 87 (MDR-87) Removable Memory Module–Interface Unit
? Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility Test Procedure for the EF-2000 Tranche 2 Video Voice Recorder (VVR) Data Requirements List
? Qualification Test Procedure for the MDR-80
? Qualification Test Report for the S3B Viking Aircraft MMU Program
? Critical Design Review for the EF-2000 VVR Program, MDR-80
? Environmental Stress Screening Procedures for the MDR-80 and the Lockheed Martin Aerospace F-16
? Installation File Creation Procedure for the TSM RMM Preparation
? TEAC® Aerospace Technologies (TAT) Create Blank Application Installation and Launch Procedure and TSM-Formatted RMM Preparation (Creating MPEG-2 files in the RMM Representing Blank Tapes) for the MDR-X
? System Requirements Documents for commercial solid state (SS) 2-GB digital audio and SS 8-GB video reproducers, commercial Air Track™ configuration and application software, and the MDR-87
? TAT Ethernet Protocol B Specification
? Ground System Development Guide
? Engineering Departmental Policies and Procedures
• Complied with/addressed requirements for; and edited for format, grammatical, and stylistic consistency for each separate author; the following seven-volume proposal
? Technical Proposal: TEAC® MDR-80 Mission Data Recorder for AH-64 Apache Longbow Block III Solid State Recording Device (SSDR)
• Worked with draftspersons and engineers to plan drawings and artwork for documents
• Created Microsoft Word generic document template on which to base formatting of all
program documents

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA); Orange, CA
(Contract, Omega Contract Design; Huntington Beach, CA)

Senior Technical Writer

• Documented and tested Unix- and proprietary-based computer system software applications
• Documented on-line help, departmental requirements and procedures, and flowcharts
• Worked with computer programmers and project leaders in the transportation industry to design, write, and edit users manuals:
? Employer-Paid Deferred Compensation (EPDC)
? Leave of Absence–Family and Medical Leave Act (LOA–FMLA)
? Information Systems (IS) Inventory System
? Saving a Query
? Occurrence Tracking System (OTS) for Radio Dispatchers
? Employee Injury System
? Passenger Counting and Ridership (PCR)
? Hewlett-Packard (HP) Computer Login Instructions
? Fixed Route, Market Development, and Ridership Reports
? Market Development (Ridership Program)
? Electronic Timekeeping and Attendance (ETA)
? Combined Transportation Funding Program (CTFP) Smart Application
? Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The Aerospace Corporation; El Segundo, CA
(Contract, Rho; Irvine, CA)

Senior Technical Editor

• Oversaw and organized preparation, development, scheduling, and production of reports, textbooks, handbooks, papers, and brochures
• Managed coordination with production personnel in the aerospace industry for preparation of layout, design, text format, artwork, composition, and reproduction
• Edited and rewrote copy in accordance with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) contractual requirements and adopted style guides
• Scripted on-screen and narrative text for multimedia presentation on transfer of military technology to commercial use
• Wrote brochure text
• Translated text from French to English
• Edited and proofread briefing materials and graphic artwork (viewgraphs, 35-mm slides, document and journal art, charts, illustrations, photoscans, certificates, maps, resolutions, posters, flyers, name cards, and tabs)

S. Systems Corporation; Inglewood, CA

Technical Writer and Editor, Quality Assurer

• Edited monthly United States government reports and system analysts’ software evaluations
• Worked with software developers, computer programmers, and engineers in the aerospace industry to design, write, and edit software manuals for lay computer users and technical manuals for computer programmers
• Worked with administrators, engineers, and scientists to produce employees’ handbook that the corporation used for marketing
• Copy-edited administrative policies and procedures, corporate proposals, and the
corporation’s newsletter
• Responsible for assuring the quality of grammar and style, and accuracy of content, of all
corporate documentation

UniHealth America, CaseCARE; Burbank, CA

Technical Writer

• Documented and tested computer system software applications for the IBM AS/400 and System 38
• Worked with system programmers and analysts, and project managers, in the health-care industry to research, design, write, edit, and produce users and training manuals, marketing pieces, and departmental policies and procedures
• Produced flowcharts, tables, and diagrams
• Copy-edited a 600-page manual for a managed care system that the corporation sold for $125,000.00 per copy


PC, Macintosh, AS/400, System/38


Microsoft Word (Vista), Excel, Access, Outlook, Windows, PowerPoint, Visio, Project; Adobe FrameMaker, Photoshop, Acrobat; SharePoint; RoboHelp; Abbyy FineReader, WordPerfect, DrawPerfect; HP PrecisionScan Pro; Network Clipboard; Snag-It; Halcyon Do Dot; Roxio Easy CD Creator; MacDraw Pro; Paintbrush; Ragtime; LAN; Dbase; VINES; ETC; and in-house


University of California, Los Angeles
• BA, English
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Test Writing