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Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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Tracey Willson

To obtain a job which utilizes my storyboarding skills, digital illustration skills, strong storytelling abilities, animation, and knowledge of Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, and Maya software.

• Santa Monica City College: Completion of Animation Certificate: Spring 2013.)
• University of California, Irvine: B.A. in Studio Arts and a B.A. in Cognitive Psychology,
with a minor in Digital Arts. (2002)

• Storyboarding: Digital storyboarding proficiency using Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects to create digital animatics with music, sound effects and strong storytelling value.
• Animation Skills: Demonstrate 12 principles of animation, gesture, character acting and storytelling in 2D and 3D. Used Maya for animation, modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering, and referencing. Traditional 2-D animation required lunchbox and exposure sheets.
• Drawing Skills: Strong draftsmanship with human and animal gestures as well as costumed figures and 2D animation.
• Computer Skills: Practical application of Maya, Adobe Flash, After Effects, Photo Shop and Final Cut Pro.
• Professional Skills: Experience in multi-tasking in a diverse setting. Ability to organize,
categorize/record data, lead group projects. Also can vibrantly present projects and ideas to adults and kids.

• Cousar Enterprises LLC: Employed to create movie poster, concept art, and storyboards for independent Sci-fi movie. Currently in production. (April 1st-present)

• Various Storyboard Commercial Contest Projects: Drew digital storyboards according to scripts and spec sheets. Collaborated and revised boards with the director. Commercials include Doritos, Stacey’s Pita chips, and McCormick. (October 20,2012-present)

• Famous Frames Storyboard Agency Paid Internship: Uploaded and updated portfolios for storyboard artists so the agency could market them according to entertainment genres and styles. Under supervision of superiors, I gained valuable insight about how to market myself as a storyboard artists. Also used the agency’s test script to create presentation boards for a commercial & gain critique from supervisors. (July 5-August 12, 2013)
• EnterAktion Studios Storyboard Internship: Redrew digital storyboards of an independent animation film to revise characters. Characters were on model and in character. (June 22-August 16, 2012)

• Tromp l’leil Consignment Project: Designed and painted tromp’ leil shutters to accent
the Kitty Bartholomew’s garden windows, a published and televised home decorator in
West Los Angeles. (June 2004)
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