Victoria Block

Freelance System Administrator & Technical Support Freelancer

Location:Beltsville, Maryland, United States
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Victoria Block

System & Database Administrator with extensive experience in project management, account administration and troubleshooting within the IT government services industry. Proven abilities in requirements management, website design and testing resulting in operational efficiency. Expertise in SOP, equipment tracking and contract negotiations to resolve problems for cost savings. Adept at customer support and user training for process im-provements. Excellent team collaboration, communication skills and ability to resolve challenging technical is-sues.

Languages Java Script, HTML, CSS, C++, SQL, Visual Basic, Python
Databases Oracle, Access, SQL
Tools/Suites Active Directory (ARS), Microsoft Office, versions 4 thru 2011, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, GroupWise 5.2-6.5, Netscape Suites, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro 6-10, Corel Office Suites, versions 8 thru 10, Lotus Suites, Novell, Support Magic, Citrix, ZenWorks, Palm Desktop utilities, Intel’s LANDesk, ADAMS, Norton, Iprint, NDS, FileMaker Pro 8 MS Exchange 2008 MS Outlook 2003 through 2010 and McAfee.
Environ-ments DOS 6, Windows OS 3.1 through Windows 7, including Server variations, Novell 4.x-6.x, Unix/Linux, Active Directory, VMWare and Mac OS 7 through X.
Hardware Server support, Memory, Hard drive, PDAs, Laptop maintenance with main-ly Dell, Digital equipment, G3 iMac, G4 and G5 towers, network cards, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, RAS, networking configurations, tools, and mainte-nance.
Clearance NRC Clearance


Dell Federal Services Reston, VA 2012-2013
System Administrator/Database Administrator
System Administrator for the administration of accounts, troubleshoot drives issues, rights and network prob-lems for a government agency of over 5000 users.

• Administer daily the creation, deletion, modifying accounts, distribution groups, resources and rights using Active Directory.
• Maintain SQL Databases.
• Build Windows 2008 Servers.
• Build SQL 2008 R2 Servers.
• Worked on a team to build a MAC image for the incoming Mac Computers and providing support for the Mac computers.
• Created Security Groups.

Aitheras. Rockville, MD 2009-2012
System Administrator /IT Coordinator Responsible for making recommendations for equipment to fit the needs of the users. Installed and maintained the IT Equipment for over 200 employees and troubleshot hard-ware and software problems.

• Created, maintained and managed an MS Access Database which tracked the dates of purchase, the identification number assigned, the cost of the equipment and when the equipment was excessed.
• Hardened (test/security scan, conducting risk assessment, vulnerability assessment using NIST require-ments) hardware and software that is to be installed on network. This was done to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information systems. This was accomplished using Nessus.
• Manage the software upgrade project by researching the versions of the software in the environment, the version of the software available and providing the cost of upgrading the software and which software should be upgraded first.
• Analyze the cost of using a local color printer, local black and white printer, a LAN color printer, a LAN black and white printer. Information was broken down to show the average cost per page for each printer.
• Prepared a budget of IT related equipment that would be needed for the next fiscal year. Negotiated the price of the equipment needed.
• Manage printer refresh project by providing the failure rate of the printers in the environment, assess the cost of replacing the printers, provide recommendations to management, provide the downtime if failure occurred, the length of time to replace the printer, the cost of the toner cartridges, researching the re-placement printer and the cost, the reliability of the replacement printer and provided various solutions for the refresh rate of the printers.
• Negotiate the price of IT Equipment that is to be purchased from various vendors. I would compare the costs of the equipment along with the cost of the shipping to see which vendor would give the better deal, then I would ask the other vendors if they could meet or beat the other quotes.
• Analyze the cost of using a local color printer, local black and white printer, a LAN color printer, a LAN black and white printer to copying documents on a copy machine.
• Main point of contact regarding computer security.
• Administered secure laptops using Securedocs to encrypt and decrypt the hard drive. Created logins, passwords for various users of the laptops and updated the laptops and Securedocs as needed.

L3 Communications. Fairfax, VA 1999-2009
Lead System Administrator
Responsible for the creation of accounts, deleting of accounts, administering accounts, and troubleshoot any problem that may arise. Also, responsible for: creating accounts in Active Directory, Novell, and using LanDesk for remote users.
? Provides comprehensive IT Support and Services to a campus-wide environment with over 4000 users dealing with installation of software/hardware, network monitoring, and reconfiguration of IP/IPX addressing.
? Experience with testing and reconfiguration of Remote Access Clients (i.e.: Window’s Dialup Network & Citrix) at both Desktop and Laptop levels along with documentation of the processes. Experience with Magic SQL, a data warehouse for ticket creation, daily status and reporting, as well.
? Administers network and user rights and restrictions daily using Novell 4.x/6.x, along with remote software distributions to users of NRC. Experience working with maintenance and restoration processes of Novell Email accounts along with daily assistance of said programs.
? Experience with the use of multiple programs, such as PConsole, Active Directory, Netware Admin, and Web JetAdmin, for user support, network assistance, and file restoration.
? Organized the equipment coming in and out of the tech room/dept tracked assets, entered assets in asset management tracking system, processed RMA’s and warranty requests. Managed the monitor return project in which I would track the number of monitors that were failing along with the make and model of the failed monitors, the length the monitors were in service prior to failure, the model that was replacing the failed monitors, which make and model had the least amount of failures, the cost of the time the failed monitor was out of service, recommendations on which monitor should be used as replacement and prepared reports for upper management to make the decision on which monitors to purchase.
? Tested and implemented the rollout of the ARS system for Account Management and deskside personnel. After the testing and implementation was completed, I was responsible for writing the SOP and any documentation that was needed for the system. The ARS system was used to administer accounts and provide rights to the technicians for installs of hardware and software.
? Administered maintenance and restoration processes of Novell Email accounts along with daily assistance of said program.
? Created, administered, deleted and troubleshot accounts using Active Directory.
? Used Novell Zenworks to remote to computers to resolve any issues, troubleshoot and verify information.

EDUCATION Database Administration, University of Maryland University College
Bachelor’s Degree in History, Illinois State University
Associate of Arts Degree in History, Illinois Valley Community College

CISSP (Learning Tree Boot Camp for CISSP) Information Systems in Orgs, Ethics in the Information Age, Database Concepts, HDA Training, Novell Training, A+ Training, Java Scripting (completed May 2005), Apple Technician, LANDesk Training, Dell Desktop and Server, VMWare, HTML and CSS.