Luisa Velasquez

Freelance Civil Engineer & CAD Freelancer

Location:Manassas, Virginia, United States
2 Skills
Profile and Goal: Focused towards challenging Projects in the Civil, Drawing up Engineering Projects, and Supervising and Directing Engineering works.
Experiencia profesional
Civil engineer Leader .
? Developing of Civil Engineering Projects (conceptual, basic and detailed) for PDVSA (Exploration and Production). Foundations Calculations for equipments, Structures,Pipes Support, Clean Water Network, Pumping Stations.
BZS Venezuela, C.A (08-2011/ 31-12-2013).
Project Leader (Hidraulic).
? Developing of Basic Engineering and details based on National and International Regulations ,For all Projects
? Project: Complejo agroindustrial William Lara. San Juan de los Morros. Estado Guárico (Hidraulics Network). Venezuela-Rusia Agreement.
- Design of Clean Water Network for the whole Project (20.115 kms of pipes).
- Served Waters.
- Water Treatment Plant.
- Pumping Stations.
- Pipes Supports.
- Water Drainage.

INNOVACIONES TECNOLOGICAS (INTEC) C.A: (01-2011/08-2011). Maturín-Venezuela
Civil Engineer Leader
? Developing of Civil Engineering Projects (conceptual, basic and detailed) for PDVSA (Exploration and Production). Foundations Calculations for equipments, Structures,Pipes Support, Clean Water Network, Pumping Stations.
? Documents and Blueprints revision.
- Restoration of the Jusepin II Station . Edo Monagas. (Equipments Foundations, Debugger, Transference Punp foundations, Contaminated Waters Drainage, Transformer s Foundations)
- Infrastructure Restoration for Increasing Production Capacity. Campo leona y oritupano.(PETROBRAS).
- Instalation of múltiple de campo 60 PSI estación Musipan.(Diseño de Equipments Foundations and Pipes Support).

FUNDALANAVIAL (10-2010/01-2011). Maturín-Venezuela
Contracts Administrator.
? To Manage all Administrative Contracts assigned to the Company
Team Working with Administrative personnel on Site.
Checking and Valuation, Work Planning Project Software

DOSANCA, C.A (02-2008 a 02-2010). Maturín- Venezuela
PROJECT LEADER. (Conceptual Engineering, Basic and Detailed).
? To rule and control Enginnering projects development,CVivil,Mechanical,electrical ans Architecture according to National and International Regulations. Direct contact with the client in order to achieve agreements Projects for PDVSA (Gerencia de Construcción y Producción. Anaco.).
- Building for management and storage of toxic residues.
- High pressure gas injection Plant. Campo Pirital-Pigad IV.
- Paraffin Oil Management. Campo San Joaquin-Guairio. El roble.
PDVSA Desarrollo Urbano..
- Restoration of the escuela Granja agroindustrial de Caripito.
- Petroleum Historical Museum de Caripito. Planta de tratamiento.
- Construction of the escuela técnica industrial Bolivariana “Simón Rodríguez” Fase I y II. Distrito Morichal.

CONSTRUCCIONES Y MANTENIMIENTO COSA, C.A.( 03-2007- 02-2008 )Maturín-Venezuela
On Site Engineer
? To Direct and to Control the engineering work execution, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical according to National and International Regulations and the directions by the organization and the client,
? Elaboration of Budgets and Biddings.
? Projects Planifications.
- Served waters Network from Silencio de Campo alegre to Treatment plant. Maturin. Edo Monagas.
- Asphalted and Rehabilitation of Punta de mata-Mundo Nuevo Highway. Edo Monagas.
- Restoration of Cárcava La ceiba- Anaco HighWay. Edo Monagas.

CONSTRUCTORA DELLÀCQUA, C.A.( 09-2005- 03-2007 )Maturín-Venezuela
On Site Engineer
? To Diect Engineering works (Sanitary Installations, Construction of Oil Rigs Sites, asphalted, Terrain preparation) for PDVSA, According to the Norms and Technical Specifications given by the client
? Valuations and Money Advance.
? Work Planifications

ALCALDIA DE MATURIN. EDO MONAGAS ( 01-1997- 08-2005 )Venezuela
Project Engineer.
? Civil Engineer Project developing
? Blueprints Elaborations.
? Work Inspections.


Lenguages 1990–1995. Universidad José María Vargas – Caracas, Venezuela.
? Civil Engineer
? Distinción: Rango académico, posición # 10 entre 15 graduandos.

? Mid Level English
Skills: Visual Basic, Visual Fox Pro.
Windows: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel (Expert Level), Infopath, Outlook, Publisher, Access (Mid Level), bases de datos, Paint e Internet.
Autocad 2012 (Mid High Level), Autocad Civil 3D. Microsoft Project ( expert level), Saap 2000 (Mid Level), Ip3 Macromedia Flash Player, Corel Draw, Lulowin, Maprex (Project Control)

Tech Tools: Planning and Project Control, Office tools, Project, Experienced in Multidisciplinary work.Strategic and planning thinking, Executed work Control, Valuations,
Management in critical situations (written and oral) Interpersonal skills, Organized,, Time Management, Good Comunicator. High level sense of Responsibility, disciplined and client oriented
Actividades recreativas: ? Reading
? Sports
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Civil Engineering