Cheryl L. Chambliss

Freelance Drawer & Presentation Designer

Location:Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States
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Although my resume reflects my professional responsibilities, it is almost impossible to list the writings, presentations, and drawings I have compiled for many different organizations in and out of the school systems. Unfortunately, the businesses and counties kept my CD's of my presentations, my drawings and writings, and when my computer crashed I lost all of it.

I am a creative soul who enjoys writing, music, and singing. In my professional career, I have mostly had to think outside of the box because I am a special education teacher. My mother passed away last Wednesday so I moved to Idaho to take care of her estate and to care for my stepfather, who has significant health issues. It would be great if I could do some freelance writing from home because of my current responsibilities. I am attaching my resume so you can see the different experiences and careers I have dabbled in.
Montpelier, Idaho

Georgia Southern University Bachelors Education 06/1996
Brewton-Parker College Associates Sociology 06/1994
University of Georgia Related Vocational Instruction Coordinator 08/2006-08/2011

Extensive experience utilizing administrative skills knowledge of business practices developed through education and experience. Possess strong skills in technical and office procedure through professional experience. Excelled in Power Point Presentations, Microsoft Word, Brochure Development, and software programs.
? Maintain accurate and complete student records, and prepare reports on children and activities, as required by laws, districts policies, and administrative regulations.
? Teach socially acceptable behavior, employing techniques such as behavior modification and positive reinforcement.
? Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities.
? Establish and enforce rules for behavior and policies and procedures to maintain order among students
? Confer with parents, administrators, testing specialist, social workers, and professionals to develop individuals plans designed to promote students educational, physical, and social development.
? Instruct through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations are one or more subjects, such as English, Mathematics, or Social Studies.
? Prepare students for later grades by encouraging then to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.
? Plan and conduct activities for balanced program of instruction, and provide students with question and investigate.
? Teach personal development skills such as goal setting, independence and self advocacy
? Prepared IEP and FTE reports for funding purposes and special population counts.

Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote products and services, working with advertising and promotion managers. Home business and also Insurance.
? Consult with buying personnel to gain advice regarding the types of product or services expected to be demand.
? Identify, develop and evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors.
? Evaluate the financial aspects of products development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit loss projections.
? Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings.
? Coordinate and participate in promotional activities and trade shows, working with developers, advertisers, and productions manager, to market product and services.
? Compile list describing product or services offerings.
? Use sales forecasting and strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of products, lines, or services, analyzing business developments and monitoring market trends.
? Develop pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfactions.
Special Education Teacher of Multi-Handicapped Stu, Teachers, Preschool, Kinder garden, and Elementary School
Home Business /Insurance, Marketing Managers.
Related Vocational Coordinator, Special Educations Teachers, Secondary school.
GED Instructor, Adult Literacy, Remedial Education, and GED Teacher and Instructions.
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Presentation Design