Reynaldo Morillo

Freelance Database Designer & Database Programmer

Location:United States
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Reynaldo A. Morillo J.
Cell: 407.353.2533 Email:; 13394 Glacier National Dr, Apt 1304, Orlando, FL 32385

Objective Obtain a challenging position as Programmer Analyst in an organization where
I could improve their processes while advancing in my career and apply my over 15 year experience in software development in various programming languages and databases (DB4, MS Access, Visual Basic 5/6, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, WPF, Oracle 9i, and SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 r2.

Experience September, 2013 to present, D+H, Lake Mary, Florida.
• Use Data Integrator (DI) to read and convert vendors data into Phoenix readable formats to then load into SQL Servers databases.
• Map customers’ requirements to existing SQL Server Stored Procedures and leveraging SQL Server Cursors and Dynamic SQL Statements to load data.
• Developed a C# tool to synchronize Xapi and Phoenix’s databases by allowing Analysts to perform this task independently.
• Created a C# tool to read .txt, xml, and .cmd files and modify their contents and truncate them if necessary. Some C# objects extended: System IO (DirectoryServices, FileStream, StreamReader, XMLReader and XMLDocument).

February, 2013 to September, 2013, Kyzen Consulting Agency, Orlando, Florida.
As a consultant at OCPS—Orange County Public Schools System, trouble-shooted and fixed an ASP.Net MVC application with SQL Server 2008 database; restoring faith on application.
• Resolved major issues or Known Errors by revising VB.Net with MVC source code
and database objects.
• Implemented SDLC documentation to unit test fixes.
• Led, mentored, and monitored developers and their coding techniques and provided guidance coding improvements.
• Created IIS Web Site and Virtual Directory to facilitate QA environment deployment.
December, 2011 to February, 2013, Publix Super Market, Lakeland, Florida,
Programmer Analyst.
• Wrote Unit Test Cases.
• Created business objects to be utilized in traditional and .Generic VB.Net
• Wrote Business Objects, Business Facades, and Data Access classes for
respective business tier components for existing ASP.Net/VB.Net solutions.
• Added and created Web Services and WebMethods.
• Wrote console applications implementing in-house developed .dll(s) to later be
executed via JCL--- a third party automated job running application.
• Developed and modified SQL Server 2005/2008 views, stored procedures, and
June, 2008 to Dec 2011, Millennium Technology Group—Rosen Hotels,
Programmer Analyst / Application Developer
? Designed and developed VB.Net app to interface with Human Resources Kronos, SQL
Server 2005/2008 databases to assign and schedule floater associates to work on available positions.

? Developed a C# Windows application with SQL Server backend 2008 database, which
allows the Finance department to, dynamically, select accounting data for one of seven locations, and generate both labor and revenue crystal reports for a specific date.

? Designed and maintained MS Excel Financial Report to interface with Human Resources
and finance databases to gather labor data statistics based on location and departments; utilizing MS SQL Server 2008 and VBA.

? Migrated a VB6.0 application into VB.Net, which allows users to query and retrieve
data from one of seven different locations, and generate MS Excel reports base on grouping selections.

February, 2008 to May, 2008 IAP Worldwide Services, Cape Canaveral, Florida
Systems Engineer.
? Supported third party applications such as MAXIMO with Oracle 9i databases to service
users spread out all around the world. Minimum database support (views and stored procedures). Created and maintained reports in both Actuate and Cognos.

November, 2006 to February, 2008; Rosen Hotels and Resorts, Orlando, Florida
Programmer Analyst.
? Developed a VB.Net reporting and applications (RosenReports), in Visual Studio 2005; to
manage and generate Crystal Reports, MS Excel, and VB6.0 applications; allowing seven different hotels to run the exact report by establishing database connection dynamically. Reports and applications can be entered and assigned to properties and departments.
March, 2006 to November, 2006 TransLand Financial Services
Programmer Analyst / Application Developer
Maintain MS SQL Server 2000 databases for Mortgage, third party front-end applications.
? Create and modified views and stored procedures to create and populate Crystal
Reports versions 8.5 and 10.

? Supported, deployed, and installed existing VB.Net and VB6.0 applications to satisfy
departmental needs.
August, 1999 – March, 2006 Siemens-Westinghouse Orlando, FL
Application Developer and Support
? Wrote a VB.Net 2003 application to import data from MS Excel into both MS Access and
Oracle tables, retrieved and manipulate data, and generated Crystal Reports.
? Developed a Crystal Reports 8.5 prototype, to replace static Lotus Notes reports. Wrote
stored procedures and views to connect to real-time data from GlobalFACTS via both ODBC and OLE DB for Oracle.
? While working on GlobalFACTS project, in the course of forty-five days gathered
requirements and developed a Visual Basic application with an MS Access database backend (eDOOR) for the Customer Data Collectors (CDCs) engineers. EDOOR was used to generate MS Excel reports Electronic Daily Logs (EDLs), employing pre-defined templates. At its completion, eDOOR served as a requirement prelude for the Customer Extranet Portal (CEP).
? Maintained and wrote store PL/SQL blocks and views to process and retrieve data.

? Developed a VB6 stand-alone application called Report Writer, to enforce standardization
and generate MS Word reports, with an MS Access database as backend for field engineers. This application reduced the reporting writing process from 64 days of work to less than two hours, saving the company million of dollars in travel expenses and guaranteeing data accuracy, standardization, and meeting deadlines.
? Created a server Website to provide training manual for the Report Writer application,
using HTML technologies.
? Microsoft ActiveX (OLEDB) connection and controls, ADO connections and controls,
RDO, Windows Common Controls, Data Grids, Microsoft Application reference libraries, MAPPI Controls or Outlook messaging, Crystal Reports, and web controls.
? Deployed application in both VB and InstallShields, via a LAN connection and CD
March 1997-March 1999 ADDECO Staffing Agency Orlando, FL
MS Access Database Developer and Spreadsheets
? As a contractor provided database support for several local companies such as Universal
Studios, Nextel Communications, and AT&T; designing and maintaining MS Access and Dbase IV databases, facilitating one-on-one training to users.
? Developed exhausting spreadsheet to project manage the creation and updating of cell
phone sites for Nextel, and provide cost and analysis reports for marketing decisions.
January 1992 – September 1997 United States Army US and Germany
Administrative Assistant and Personnel Clerk

January, 1992 t0 September, 1997, USA Army, United States and Germany.
? During a tenure of six years, developed several DB3 and DB4, and MS Access
databases; spreadsheets to account for 18,000 soldiers, deployed around the country and the world, which later gained me several military awards and recognitions.

Education January 2000 Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL
? Certificate on Computer Programmer/Database Analyst.
Other programming languages, competencies, Tools Java, TOAD, SQL Management Studio; TFS, Harvest, TFS, WPF, HTML, and Windows Server 2008, Crystal Reports, HTML, MS Projects, and MS Office suite.