James Miller

Freelance Transcriptionist & Book Writer

Location:Greenville, South Carolina, United States
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I have been, and am currently, working in the field of Vascular Technology, as a non invasive vascular technologist, without interruption for the past 22 years. I have a broad and well developed medical vocabulary and am familiar, and comfortable, hearing and reading physician dictated reports.

I plan to dedicate myself to this endeavor five nights per week for the next several years to gain income to fund my son's upcoming college education. I will be excellent at this line of work and strive to be an asset to any employer. With my wife as a coach (she has an associate degree in Medical Transcription for Santa Fe Community College), and my own familiarity with reading and listening to medical reports, my goal is to provide a superior quality and quantity of service, and be a pleasing to those with whom I am associated with professionally. I hope you will consider me as a serious applicant.

I will also be willing to work on a trial basis, if this is less risk for your company. In this way your company can have assurance that the return on its time investment will be maximized.

James B. Miller Jr.
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Book Writing