Pamela Bloom

Freelance Direct Marketer & Copywriter

Location:hampstead, New Hampshire, United States
Phone: 6034899438
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I have over 7 yrs experience as a buyer for a major catalog and web retailer. For all product under my jurisdiction I was responsible for the merchandising angle, design and copy concepts. Presently, I am brand marketing for a restorative and cosmetic dental practice through social media and blogging.

39 Cambridge Rd • Hampstead, New Hampshire 03841 • H: 603-329-6805 Mobile: 603-489-9438•
Strategic Marketing and Product Consultant
Creative business professional with deep experience in the catalog and web channels, working with vendors in their product development for entry into specific consumer markets and merchandising into specific market niches. Has proven talent identifying products that will sell, positioning product in the proper channels, and identifying new market trends. Works comfortably in a leadership capacity, has ability to motivate as well as foster teamwork, experienced in start-up, small business and corporate environments. Conversant in PC and Mac, proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop. Consistently demonstrates expertise in the following areas:

Matching the product with target audience to maximize profitability Communications: oral and written and strong interpersonal skills
Strategic Channel Marketing Out of the box thinking
Social Media Marketing Product Goods Specialist; housewares, sports, fitness, health, wellness, travel and technical apparel
Phase two product development (prototype to final product sample Visual merchandising for print and web


HERRINGTON CATAOG INC -Londonderry, NH-Sept 03-Dec 2010
Specialty Retailer: Catalog and Web
Lead Merchandise Buyer: for all products related to Fitness, Sports, Health, Wellness, Housewares, Travel and Technical Apparel

Successful product placements that marked new market trends

Perfect Push-up (Fall 2005)
Results for Herrington-Saw this product in prototype and informed the vendor that with a few suggested changes (on my request) that we would sell 6,000 units for Q4.
Results for vendor: Exposure in Herrington launched their brand and product went on to sell as a market leader for the next two years.

Steripen—Steripen -UV Pen that sterilizes water (Spring 2006)
Results for the catalog: Saw UV sterilizing products as an emerging trend- Product layout grossed $10k in profit in first season.
Results for the vendor- Suggested that this product should be merchandised as a travel product, this strategy turned their product into a market leader, launched their brand and tripled sales.

Violight-UV sterilizer for toothbrushes (Fall 2006)
Results for the catalog: Saw UV sterilizing products as an emerging trend-Sold 6,000 units in 4 months
Results for the vendor- Herrington put the Violight brand on the map as a market leader in UV sterilizing products., exposure in Herrington launched their brand and product became a market leader.

Zeal Optics (Fall 2007)

Results for Herrington-Sold 1,000 units in first season (Fall 2007), Zeal wasn’t even 5% of goggle sales in US
Results for vendor-By bringing them into Herrington catalog Zeal Optics gained brand recognition in the market for high ticket polarized and polychromatic ski goggle. The Zeal band became a market leader for high-end goggles, #3 in the market following Oakely #1 and Smith. Fall 2010 launched the world’s first GPS goggle at $400.

Bamboo Soft Goods
Kassatex Bamboo Towels (Summer 2007)
Results for Herrington-Recognized bamboo soft goods as an emerging trend, initial two seasons we sold over 50,000 towels, (grossed -$500k) product line continued to be a top seller for two years.
Results for vendor-exposure in Herrington established Kassatex as a market leader in specialty soft goods for bed and bath.

Heated Apparel
Gerbing Heated Apparel-(Fall 09)
Results for Herrington- top selling product, grossed $500k in the first season
Results for vendor-established their product line as a market leader in the specialty consumer markets, grew their brand outside the military and motorcycle niches.

Negotiated all terms of business
Results-Raised over three quarters of a million dollars in advertising revenue for ad placements
New business
Results-Developed over three hundred new vendor relationships
Additional Responsibilities
Instrumental in all aspects of the creative for product under my management-layout angle: art and copy
Merchandising strategies for all catalog and web layouts: selecting artwork (in-house or provided by vendor)

All THINGS SCILIAN-Sept 02-April 2003
Specialty Retailer: Store and Web for foods from Sicily
Web Consultant
Goal-grow the web site sales
Results-Developed a reciprocal linking system that optimized their web site and increased web sales by 30%

IVESIA SOLUTIONS, Salem, NH –Sept 01-June 2002
Software Development Company
Director of Sales for outside software development projects
Goal-Bring in outside accounts for software solutions
Results-Closed deal for customized software application for the Biotech units of Pfizer and Merck Pharmaceutical
All leads were generated by cold calls to senior executives.

MOTHERNATURE.COM-Concord, MA Mar-Sept 2000
Online Retailer of Health and Natural products
Business Development Consultant
Goal-Increase membership of “The Wellness Network” (subscription-based membership for alternative health practitioners)
Results-Developed “TWN” into a viable B2B business unit, bringing in 200 alternative health practitioners.
All business was generated by cold calls to warm leads.



Masters of Business Administration with Concentration in Leadership-Franklin Pierce University
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Direct Marketing