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Kurt T. Kopf

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I’ve Got News for You! Your Advertising May Actually Be HURTING Your Business!

Your advertisements writing isn’t always selling, in fact it can be downright harmful and undermining to your business if you don’t know what you’re doing or know how to say-and-sell.

Sure, you can write. You’ve made it this far in life. But can you sell face to face, and then articulate that entire sales process into writing?

You’ll need to cover the vast majority of the prospects you reach in the sales message that you’re producing and then multiplying through the advertising medium your placing it in.

You’ll spend the exact same amount of money for a poor response-producing ad, as you will for a great response-producing ad. The only difference will be in the preparation.

The cost of hiring a great copywriter as opposed to a mediocre one, or even a novice one should not be the place you decide to cut corners.


Writing GREAT advertising has little to do with grammar. It has little to with spelling. A bachelor’s in English doesn’t make a Great advertisement. It hurts it.

As much as these things are important. . . It mostly has to do with selling and sales.

A great advertisement doesn’t simply sell a “sale” or a “discounted price” point, that’s merely a public announcement, anyone can do that. It doesn’t take a genius.

A great advertisement can sell a product or service for MORE than other available products on the market, because they actually know how to sell, and can articulate that premise in their copy.

I write great advertising. I write with the only premise in mind that should ever be in the mind of a copywriter. To sell the advertised product or service.

I’ve been writing great advertising that sells for 25 years. I’m not flashy. Just direct and to the point.

If you have a company, that sells products or services and want to have a maximally effective advertising campaign, call me. I will look at what you’ve got then pitch you a new concept. Once you’ve seen it and love it, we’ll sign and move forward. . .

Advertising is your traveling salesperson, selling the public everyday for your company. It is only as effective as it generates business.

Is your advertising generating the business it should, or could it be doing better?


If there’s even a glimmer of a doubt in your mind about the effectiveness of your advertising. . . contact me for a free evaluation of your current ad copy and concept immediately.

Call me at 908-910-6402 and leave me a message. Visit my website at – I will be more than happy to talk with you about how I can be of service to your company and help to grow your business.
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