Freelance Graphic Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Newnan, Georgia, United States
2 Skills
Charles Cribbs. I love to draw and create. I make survival bracelets on the side with my wife. Served 2 years in the U.S. Army and learned a whole bunch of interesting things. Most of all, I learned who I am and how to survive the world. For the last 15 years I worked in the Pest Control Industry as a specialist in Termite and Pest Control. I am very much a self starter, I do not like wasting time, therefore I start a task and finish it with diligence and accuracy. I strive to always be on time. I may be a little rough around the edges but I assure you there's a diamond inside. By always paying attention to detail there was very few times the company had issues. They would refer people that had problems to me. By maintaining great relations with the customers, 3 generations of families had our services. I have always been artistic, I haven't much formal training in arts, but can do just about anything well. I have worked in graphic design, but mostly stick to traditional art. I designed the logo for my Company's P.T. shirts, The Bravo Company Bulldogs.