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Freelance Article Writer & Children's Book Writer

Location:Querétaro, Queretaro, Mexico
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Dear Sirs / Madame June, 2011

My name is Silvia Cecilia Stroet. I am a Canadian citizen living and working in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico as an E.F.L. Teacher / Scientific Editor since Jan. 2005. Please accept this letter as my application for employment as a proofreader with your company.

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1988 where I attained my university education. I hold a B.A. in English Poetry and Literature and a Certificate to Teach E.S.L. Linguistics. After completing my education I lived in South Korea for one year where I taught Conversation and English Grammar.

Upon returning to Vancouver in 1996, I began working for private English Schools whose primary business focus was either teaching international students or recent immigrants who were having problems assimilating into the mainstream schooling system due to language difficulties. I created and taught various specialized English programs, many of which are still being taught today.

In early 2005, I moved from Canada to Mexico. Initially I taught in private schools, most specializing in executive classes in local companies. In 2006, I was promoted from teaching to being the Academic Director at International Language Center. In this position I oversaw a staff of fifteen teachers and took care of the daily responsibilities of a small school.

As of August 2007, I started working for Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, at first as a grammar teacher, and later as the English Language Lab Coordinator in the Nursing Faculty. Soon I was asked by the university’s Investigation Office to edit scientific articles destine for publication. Eventually, I began teaching Scientific Writing and TOEFL for the Engineering Faculty. Today I continue to hold this position and am the scientific document editor for the Engineering Faculty at Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro as well as for Universidad Polytecnica de Querétaro.

As my resume and the reference letters attest, I am a capable professional, proficient in performing well within strict guidelines and deadlines set out for me. I believe I would be a valuable addition to your team. Currently I am under contract, but would be available elsewhere by mid to late August.

I would like the opportunity to further discuss your needs and my qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you. I would like to thank you in advance for considering me for employment with your organization.


Silvia C. Stroet

P.S. Can you please let me know when you have received my documents.

Curriculum Vitae
Silvia Cecilia Stroet
Personal Information:

Address: Prol. Bernardo Quintana # 4008
Casa # 23 C.P. 76168


To obtain a position as a freelance proofreader with a company that would support my efforts, yet give me a certain amount of freedom.

Highlights and Qualifications:

? Self-motivated employee, who works well both independently and as a team
? Initiated, created and implemented many complete teaching programs which included
proposing a concept, developing the curriculum, lesson plans and evaluation materials to
evaluate the students and monitor the effectiveness of the materials taught.
? Demonstrating patience and understanding, adapting to new and challenging situations
quickly and effectively.
? Accomplished all necessary daily tasks in order to run a small private language school
and maintain a staff of approximately twenty teachers.
? Reliable individual who can direct others while acting on superiors instructions.
? Proven ability to successfully teach extremely large groups of sixty plus students.
? Organized education material efficiently & professionally, while supervising a small staff in
order to see technological educational projects to their completion.
? Edited scientific research papers destine for publication in scientific journals or books.

Work Experience:

2010 – Present – Universidad Polytecnica de Querétaro, Querétaro, Qro. Mexico
? Scientific Writing Teacher (for their doctors)
2009 - CICATA University, Querétaro, Qro. Mexico
? Scientific Writing Teacher (advanced level, PhD. students)
2008 – Present – Language Tools, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico
? Business English Teacher (all levels, for executives at company locations)
2008 – Present – Brooklyn School of English, Querétaro, Qro. Mexico
? Grammar Teacher (all levels)
? TOEFL Teacher
2008 – 2008 – Cinvestav University Juriquilla, Mexico
? Editor of Scientific research papers for PhD. Students.
? TOEFL Teacher (beginner and advanced levels)
2007 – Present – Universidad Autónoma de, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico
? Scientific Writing Teacher (advanced level, PhD. candidates)
? Scientific Paper Editor (Investigation Office, Engineering Faculty)
? TOEFL Teacher (beginner and advanced levels)
? Grammar Teacher (all levels)
? Language Labrotory Coordinator
2005 – 2007 - International Language Center, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico
? Academic Director
? Business ESL Teacher (company executive groups)
2003 – 2004 - Western Town College, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
? Grammar Teacher (beginner level)
? TOEFL Teacher
1996 – 2003 - Vancouver English Centre (V.E.C.), Vancouver, B.C., Canada
? ESL Grammar / Conversation Teacher (all levels)
? TOEFL / TOEIC Teacher (all levels)
? Pronunciation Teacher (advanced level)
? Public Speaking and Business English Teacher (advanced level)
? Curriculum Development (curriculums, lesson plans, testing material, editing)

2008 – Present Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Santiago de Queretaro, Qro.
? Basic Spanish, I & II Intermediate, I & II Advanced I
2001 – 2004 British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
? Leadership I Leadership II
? Organizational Behaviour (An intro. to Human Resources Management)
? Human Resources Management
1991 – 1994 Simon Fraser University (SFU), Burnaby, B.C., Canada
? B.A. Majoring in English Poetry an Literature
? Certificate to Teach E.S.L. Linguistics (TESOL)
? Certificate in Liberal Arts
1989 – 1990 Columbia College, Burnaby, B.C., Canada
? Transfer credit program geared to university degree program at SFU

Pertinent Extracurricular Activities:
? Public speaking at SFU in a workshop setting.
? Supervised practicum students from SFU and V.E.C. TESOL/TEFOL programs.

Volunteer Experience:
1993 – Linc ESL Services, Surrey, B.C., Canada
? Assistant ESL teacher
1992 – Homefront ESL Program, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
? ESL Tutor for recent immigrants.

Hobbies and Personal Interests:
Reading Walking Hiking
Aquariums (fresh water) Gardening (especially flowers) Photography

Languages: English - Native Speaker Spanish - Low Intermediate

References: Available upon request: