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Lesli Dixon

Freelance Drawer & Book Illustrator

Location:Englewood, Colorado, United States
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I am a portrait artist in the classical realist tradition who works mainly in the medium of coloured pencil; I like to accentuate the fluidity and elaborate quality of the medium. I use techniques and methods that are standard in execution to capture expressions and characteristics in a person's face and incorporate a lot of facets, as carefulness and attention to detail are key elements in the development of all of my work. Having grown up fortunate enough to be surrounded by an artistic family, I quickly and easily developed the drafting skills necessary to nearly perfect rendering of the human form while being able to achieve extraordinary likeness and detail in my pieces. I make it my goal to capture not only the physical resemblance of whomever is being portrayed in my drawings, but the essence of the individual's emotions and personality as well. Though my concentration is portraits, I am a well-rounded artist that can cover a vast array of matter and welcome commissions on all subjects.

My main goal is to exceed all of your expectations and provide the personal attention necessary to make sure the process is not only gratifying for myself as an artist, but also pleasurable for those who have chosen to buy or commission my artwork as well.
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Book Illustration