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Dana Bull

Freelance Illustrator & Horror Artist

Location:United States
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My main practice is drawing. Using mainly pen and ink I create very detailed, intricate drawings of various sizes. My main subject matter is the dead, and all things dark. I draw monsters and ghouls, and images of the underworld. I am interested in getting in touch with the dark side of my psyche in hopes of revealing something more true to human nature as a whole. I do this by drawing freely from my subconscious and conscious mind. I also try to employ humor as a way to lighten up the theme, and hopefully make such subject matter a little bit more acceptable and relatable.

Dana Bull
Illustration/Screen-printing/Fine art

American Academy of Art Chicago, Illinois
• Studied Figure Drawing One year
and Color Theory
• Deans list

School of the Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, Illinois
• Bachelors of Fine Art Graduate BFA
• Specializing in Illustration, printmaking,
and Fiber art

Contemporary Art in L.A. Los Angeles, California
• Study trip program Winter 2012
• Concentration in art history

Work Experience
Mcdonald’s restaurant Arlington Heights/Niles Illinois
Opening Manager and key holder August 2013-Current
• Opening the store for the day
• Counting registers/bank cash
• Filling out and filing deposits for the bank
• Managing crew in the kitchen and servers
• Positioning crew for their shift
• Calling other stores for help/supplies
• Assisting customers/completing their orders
• Customer service
o Creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere
o Reaching customer satisfaction
o Addressing and fixing customer complaints and concerns

11th Hour Haunted House Elk Grove, Illinois
Volunteer August 2011-October 2011
• Painting walls August 2012-October 2012
• Putting together manikins
• Decorating/designing rooms

Freelance Work
Tour T-shirt Illustrations for the ****** Junkies band, 2013
CD cover illustration for the Shotgun Gambling band, 2013
Printed T-shirts for the Shotgun Gambling band, 2012
Wrote and illustrated a self-published comic, “Buck Wilde,” 2012
Illustrated a Banner for ******* Records shows, 2012
Designed illustrated stickers for the Krol Kleks band, 2012
Printed and designed T-shirts for the Lucky Few band, 2012
Designed illustrated logo for the Pervert Preachers band, 2012
Printed and Designed patches for the Seal Clubbing ***** band, 2011
Designed punk compilation tape cover, “Teenage Suburbia is the Life For Me,” 2011
Designed and printed patches for the Corpse Gas band, 2010
Designed tape cover for the Corpse Gas band, 2010

Private Collections
Merle C. Allin
James Ciochan

Computer Skills
Efficient in Mac and PC
Familiar with some HTML
Efficient with Photoshop Cs6, GIMP, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Final Cut Express, Vuescan and other scanner software

Submitted upon request

Brownie Girl Scouts
Music across the board but specifically punk, classic rock, rock metal and country
Crime, psychology, sociology, the occult, the histories of religions, oddities, outsider art, ***** culture, trashy television, kitsch, camp and comedy
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Horror Art