Darvil McBride

Freelance Digital Artist & Portuguese Translator

Location:Victorville, California, United States
2 Skills
Darvil McBride:

• Is fluent in Portuguese
• Is an Eagle Scout
• Lived in Brazil for 2 years as an LDS missionary
• Has a BA in International Business Management (IBM)
• Has spent many months abroad throughout Asia and Europe, including Portugal
• Has crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice in a 45' sailing vessel
• Is an accomplished outdoors man, hunter, free diver and fisherman
• Is an experienced and practicing falconer
• Has substantial translation experience
• Is happily married to a wonderful woman
• Is currently employed in product development, but happy to take occasional jobs.
• Is a retired water sports instructor of 5 years
• Has 6 years experience in construction as a subcontractor
• Is a proficient and avid photographer and acrylic painting
• Is proficient with Microsoft and adobe Software
• Experienced in trade show marketing