Samardin Avganov

Freelance Russian Translator & Database Expert

2 Skills
Samariddin Avganov
67/4 Jabbor Rasulov Str. ap.60
Dushanbe City, Tajikistan
Tel: (907) 775-454 (mobile); (372) 381-095(home)



January 21, 2009 – Present day Tajik State Pedagogical University named after
Sadriddin Aini
Dean of the English Faculty

1. Prepare and teach semester hours or courses each 12-month academic year.
2. Maintain regular communication with students, faculty members, and the university at large through electronic or video/teleconferencing means.
3. Prepare and deliver instruction that leads to the achievement of student learning outcomes.
4. Engage in ongoing scholarly growth in the academic discipline.
5. Involvement in student recruitment and activities such as registration, retention, placement, institutional effectiveness, and other university-related projects as assigned by the Rector.
6. Advise students regarding academic, curricular, and career matters.
7. Develop curriculum, schedule, course rotation, and new programs as directed by the Rector.
8. Attend, participate, and provide leadership for at least one committee assignment each year, as assigned.
9. Attend at least one scheduled faculty, staff, or committee meeting on the Plainview campus each year (at request of Rector and at University expense).
10. Comply with security requirements for University computer network, classrooms, and facilities.

October 10, 2006 – Present day Professional Development Center
under the British Council
Project Coordinator

Responsibilities: Coordinate educational programs, student development, and professional development at regional events and facilitates communication between the region, and the British Council Office; maintain a thorough knowledge and understanding of, and ensures adherence to BC policies and procedures, as well as other applicable laws and regulations; supervise the solicitation, selection, and evaluation of education programs at the regional conference and other regional events; coordinating workshops, as necessary, on topics of interest to members in the region, upon approval of these activities by the HQ and communication on their timelines, composition and promotion with the BC Office; ensure the diversity of educational programs presented in the region; serve as liaison between the region and the BC Office; integrate BC goals, initiatives, and relevant strategic plan objectives in educational aspects of position responsibilities; supporting national workshops hosted in the country.

August 14, 2000 – August 1, 2005 Counterpart Humanitarian Assistance
Program (CHAP)
Deputy of Country Director

Responsibilities: Liaise with Distribution Partners and other Recipients of CHAP Humanitarian Assistance; Ministries and other agencies of local government; U.S. Embassy/USAID/USIS; freight forwarders; donor organizations; private sector donors.
Conducting research and interviews to collect data; conceptualize and draft project justifications (proposals), which target the needy and most vulnerable groups. Translation and preparation of Shipping Documents; reception, Customs clearance and delivery of HA shipments; preparation/submission of Reception/Discrepancy and other Reports. Conducting Monitoring Visits and submit Reports.

February 3, 2000 – March 6, 2000 Joint Election Observation Mission to
Tajikistan (UN-OSCE)
Media expert

Responsible for observation the election in Tajikistan. Analyzing and translating all
Articles in newspapers, which related to Elections in Tajikistan. Responsible for the
Interpretation in meetings.

December 25, 1995–October 1, 1999 International Federation of Red Cross
and Red Crescent Societies, Tajikistan
Relief Department
Field Officer

Responsible for the General Relief Distribution. Assisting the Relief Coordinator on all
Matters as requested. Providing translation to the Relief Coordinator and Program
Manager. Writing and translating Field Mission, Final Reports and various documents,
Russian and English. Responsible for administrative matters such as computerizing
distribution lists and reports and other relevant information relating to the Relief
Program. Assisting the IFRC operation in accordance with delegate’s instructions. To
perform a variety of other duties as the Federation deems necessary and the work

September 10, 1996– Present day Tajik Pedagogical University, Dushanbe,
Foreign Languages Faculty (English)
Head of Department of English and
Comparative typology

Responsible for giving lessons, teaching History of English .and other subjects. Also in charge for preparing the teaching materials and reports to headquarters of the University.
Assisting the Faculty with administrative matters during entrance examinations.


September 1, 1991- August 1996 Study at Tajik Pedagogical University,
Dushanbe, Foreign Languages Faculty (English Department). Graduated in 1996 with a first- class honors degrees.
Diploma permitting teaching of English at secondary school.

September 1, 1991- July 1997 Study at the Tajik State University by correspondence, Dushanbe, Faculty of Tajik Language and Literature. Awarded 1997 with University Diploma.

May 25, 1998 - June 12, 2002 Study at the Tajik State University, Dushanbe, Law Faculty. Graduated with first-class honors degrees. Diploma permits to be a lawyer.


Name at birth: Samariddin Avganov Saidovich
Date of birth: December 26, 1973
Nationality: Tajik
Languages: Tajik, Russian, English
Skills (2) Rating
Russian Translation