Steve Hulsey

Freelance Business Developer & Business Planner

Location:Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
2 Skills
I developed our awesome set of Creative Innovations services to create a platform of philanthropic empowerment in order to provide the means for even the most profound goals to be accomplished with great success. My ultimate dream is to help a myriad of other people bring their business and philanthropic dreams to reality, so I developed CI Shared Dreams to provide specialty incubator services to help accomplish goals that would otherwise seem nearly impossible to achieve.

We teach how to recognize and make the very most of available opportunistic assets to work with. We also teach executives how to immensely increase profitability through involvement with philanthropic causes.

CI Shared Dreams is managed by several other Creative Innovations divisions, such as CI Business Innovated Expansion Firm, CI Opportunity Investing, CI Sponsorship Bridge and CI Career Centers, just to mention a few.

To learn more about our awesome services at Creative Innovations and discover how we can help you accomplish goals you wouldn’t even dare make yet, visit the Creative Innovations home site and CI Shared Dreams through the following links.

-Steve Hulsey – Creative Innovations Founder / CEO