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Atkin Korkis

Freelance Videographer & Outdoor Photographer

Location:United States
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1511 Cajon greens pl, El Cajon, CA, 92021

PROFILE Strong foundation in Film and photography, commercial art, and computer applications complemented by knowledge of business operations and the need for customer-focused service.
Seeking out freelance projects, expanding job description boundaries, volunteering, and being selected for positions of responsibility within chosen field.

EDUCATION Academy of Art University 2012
Motion Pictures and Television, San Francisco

EXPERIENCE Independent Film
On all five projects I mainly did the producing aspect of the making of the films but I had different jobs on set that I did during my time on each short film

The job I had on set was getting beautiful stills of the set and the cast and crew to promote the film and show off the work on set. I also had the job of making the poster for the short film. Another job had was assisting with the cinematography and the editing

The things I worked on was the full part of the production team, and the script supervising and co-writing. In post-production I contributed with editing scenes to make a perfect flowing conversation scene for the short. I also had the responsibility of making the poster

-“A Glimpse into an unsound mind”
In this project I did all the Cinematography. I co-wrote the story and assistant directed the short film.

For Agro I did a lot of the sound production, but another job I had was still photography for the promotion of the film.

-“Narrated by”
Jobs I had were sound production and contributing to writing. I had the job of assistant directing throughout the project.

Photographer Freelance
Successful completion of commercial photography assignments requiring planning, follow-through, and results that meet client objectives.
• Project: Still photography for independent filmmaker on set.
? Scope:shot and developed photos; gave technical input regarding reproduction of photographs.
• Project: Photo shoot for models and actors head shots and portrats
? Scope: Met with client to determine project goals; selected shots and photographed working with limitations, organized and presented finished photographs.



• Macintosh Systems and PC
? Applications: Adobe Photoshop, MAYA, Lightroom, AVID, Premiere Pro, After effects, and Audition
• 4x5, 2 1/4, 35mm cameras, all cannon DSLR’s
• Lighting and camera movement
• Editing video
• Producing and Directing
• Pragmatic

• Cannon EOS 70D
• Lens: 18-135mm, 50mm, 11-16mm
• Lights: 1k Tungsten, 2 soft box lights, 1 mount light
• Tripod, Crane, Light stands, backdrop, and reflector and diffuser
• Professional sound equipment, NTG-2 Rode mic, Audio Technica mic, 2 boom poles, 2 windbreakers
• Custom HP desktop, full Adobe Creative cloud suite
• Professional film rig with matte box and follow focus

Photography RATEs (Cost includes photos edited and enhanced)
1-day 2-day 3-day
50 photos:$35 50 photos:$50 50 photos:$60
75 photos:$45 75 photos:$60 75 photos:$70
100 photos:$60 100 photos:$70 100 photos:$80
150 photos:$85 150 photos:$95 150 photos:$100
200photos:$110 200photos:$120 200photos:$130

Wedding photos (Enhanced and edited)(Client pays for prints)
300 photos:$200

Music Video Rates (All expenses for video are charged to the client)
-Full music video-$400

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Outdoor Photography