Brad Beck

Freelance Artist & Drawer

Location:Syracuse, New York, United States
2 Skills
My name is Brad, from Syracuse NY and I am eager to turn a hobby into something sustainable. Over the past five years I have been increasingly devoting more time into my passion. Aside from being a bartender I have also been designing and printing my own t-shirts, doing some poster and flyer work. I also do a lot of intricate pen and ink work. However the majority of my time I spend doing custom hand-painted shoes. I really believe that creating and designing by hand is something that is getting lost in our digital world. My passion is in the process of seeing things start as an idea and come to life through ones hands. Watching a project take shape and come to life, then sharing that with others is my driving force. David Grohl said "The great thing about music is that you can play a song for 80,000 people and they'll sing it back for 80,000 different reasons." I honestly believe that it is the same for all types or art and that the connection you make with others simply cannot be experienced any other way.
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