Cheryl Cooper

Freelance Fact Checking Freelancer & Paralegal

Location:Tucson, Arizona, United States
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Cheryl Cooper

An unconventional résumé

Cheryl Cooper should be declared a national treasure. She has been an invaluable
resource in our efforts to track down and secure rights and permissions for an extremely
wide array of properties. And if that wasn't enough, she provides very helpful counsel as
we struggle to find the perfect match for our video, audio and multi-media productions.
Efficient, resourceful, fun to work with, what more could you ask?
— David Katzive, Executive Producer, Ruder Finn Broadcast, NYC

SKILLS: A proven rights & permissions negotiator for music, images, books, film and TV.

WORK EXPERIENCE, 1992-Present: I am an independent specialist in copyright clearances for corporations, universities, film producers, government agencies, book publishers and not-for-profit institutions. I have served over 200 clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. Many are steady customers who entrust me with large projects that require multiple licensing contracts. Dealing graciously with senior executives and major artists is a necessity. Juggling a complex workflow under deadline pressure is routine.

My responsibilities begin with diligence. My resources include close contacts with the country’s leading music, movie, print and broadcast organizations — a relationship which I have built over a 20-year period. They include 20th Century Fox, Universal Music Enterprises, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Publishing, Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, The Royal Geographical Society, & The New York Times.

MY CLIENTS INCLUDE: American Express, Avid Technologies, Bain & Company,
Children’s Memorial Hospital, Citibank, Dell Computers, The Discovery Channel, FedEx,
Fidelity Investments, Genzyme Corporation, Harvard University, ITT Sheraton, John
Hancock Financial Services, Museum of the Rockies, National Constitution Center, New
England Sports Network, Procter and Gamble, Raytheon, Starwood Hotels, State Farm
Insurance, U.S. National Park Service and Pearson Higher Education.

WORK EXPERIENCE, 1983-1992: Senior Producer and VP of Warriner Productions, Inc., specializing in film, video, multi-image productions and executive presentations for large-scale corporate events — press conferences, financial analyst meetings, new product launches, employee and stockholder meetings.
Our steady clients included Polaroid Corporation, Wang Laboratories, Stratus Technologies, Digital Equipment Corporation, and John Hancock Financial Services.

EARLY EXPERIENCE: A housewife and mother of two children, I attended Framingham State College and majored in English.

Thanks for all your hard work and diligence in helping us navigate the world of music
rights and acquisition. No matter how big our request, you always get us the answers.
Because of your help and connections, we have been able to get some incredible pieces
for our Planetarium shows, and that's key to their success. So a million thanks -- we
couldn't have done it without you! — Dani LeBlanc, Museum of Science, Boston
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