Joseph Toscano

Freelance Songwriter & Jingle Writer

Location:Colonial Heights, Virginia, United States
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I'm a 26 year old with a lifelong passion for writing that I'd love to turn into a career. This is my first time dipping my toe into the world of freelancing, but it is mesmerizing to me for many reasons. I left college after three years without earning my bachelors degree, but that was strictly due to concerns about debt, and had nothing to do with my academic capability. I took many English and writing classes during that time, and they were consistently my favorite and strongest subjects. I'm willing to take the time to improve my writing, to learn about different writing opportunities, and do the best job I can possible do any time I am called upon.

If you'd like writing samples you can check my blog- That is my small blog dedicated to reviewing horror movies. I do have writing samples on other subjects, but that is all I have posted online at this time.
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Jingle Writing