Juleit Carr

Freelance Script Writer & Content Writer

Location:Cordova, Tennessee, United States
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Knowledgeable, enthusiastic English/Writing Instructor experienced working with mainstream students as well as specializing in assisting children performing below grade level and challenging accelerated students.
• Adept at preparing and delivering organized lessons that meet government-mandated requirements and incorporate varied teaching methods.
• Enjoys motivating and encouraging students, teachers, and parents to approach goals collectively.
• Analyzes situations, devises innovative solutions, implements changes, and evaluates success to continuously improve content delivery and actively engage students in learning process.
• Utilizes Macintosh computer systems and applications to enhance classroom presentations.

M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, Freed Hardeman University, Henderson, Tennessee 2000
B.A., English, Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi 1994
Licensed, State of Tennessee Expires 2028

LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis Tennessee 2012 –
Instructor – Speech and Grammar for Educators
• Implement basic writing techniques to improve students’ communication.
• Introduce conventions of effective communication through academic writing in APA format.
• Explore basic features of effective writing.
• Prepare future teachers to equip students with basic writing skills.
• Explore endeavors to create audience appropriate PowerPoints.
• Implement a process to conclude thorough research practice.
HOLLYWOOD SUCCESS ACADEMY, Memphis Tennessee 2011 – 2012
Teacher –All Subjects
• Implemented basic writing techniques to help students create and identify sentence structure.
• Introduced grade appropriate vocabulary to aid student in the writing process.
• Generated weekly progress reports as a way to communicate with parents and encourage parental involvement.
• Managed Capstone Project to aid students in the process of investing stock and watching it grow, assisted in the production of prototypes to accommodate research.

CRAIGMONT MIDDLE SCHOOL, Memphis Tennessee 2010 - 2011
Teacher- Language Arts
• Apply cooperative Learning methods to help students gain experience functioning in groups
• Implement innovative strategies using current technology to strengthen students understanding of
principles and retention rate.
• Manage standard – and honors – level Language Arts classes, including reading, writing and grammar in preparation of state – mandated skills test.
• Incorporate writing across the curriculum to adequately prepare students for eight grade writing assessment mandated by state standards.
• Advocate of Head Sprout Reading Program promoted lifelong strategies for struggling readers.
• Generate progress reports every six weeks, re-evaluate plans each semester, and meet with parents to communicate progress and encourage continued success.

VANCE MIDDLE SCHOOL, Memphis, Tennessee 2009-2010
Teacher –Creative Writing
• Implemented basic writing techniques to enrich student writing skills while engaging them in hands-on practice.
• Introduced grade appropriate vocabulary to maximize writing potential while preparing students for state-mandated tests.
• Applied cooperative learning strategies through daily warm-up exercises to aid students in a demonstration of grasping standard writing conventions (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar usage, paragraphing).
• Generated brainstorming techniques to help students imagine and picture a world and audience inside their head (a dark forest, an amusement park or perhaps a basketball court).
• Developed writing prompts to help students connect with “real world” situations
• Revisited language arts skills by rewriting a story with a focus on dialogue, setting, characters and plot.

SNOWDEN SCHOOL, Memphis, Tennessee 2007-2008
Teacher –CLUE Program
• Conducted four hour-long, gifted student classes per day to enrich reading skills, teaching through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice.
• Encouraged classroom discussions to foster independent thought, exercise critical thinking skills, and expose students to varied opinions.
• Introduced study units that incorporated diverse subject matter and required students to conduct research in topics extending beyond basic classroom lessons.
• Applied cooperative learning methods to help students gain experience functioning in groups.
• Developed Individual Education Plans to customize curriculum to student interests, maximize learning potential, and establish measurable goals.
• Generated progress reports every six weeks, re-evaluated plans each semester, and met with parents to communicate progress and encourage continued success.

RIDGEWAY MIDDLE SCHOOL, Memphis, Tennessee 2005-2007
Teacher –Language Arts
• Managed standard- and honors-level Language Arts classes, which included reading, writing, grammar, and preparation for state-mandated skills test.
• Implemented innovative educational strategies using current technology to strengthen each student’s understanding of principles and retention rate.
• Adjusted lessons and teaching tools to accommodate learning styles of different students and established positive rapport with individuals to facilitate achievements.
• Increased morale and communication among eighth-grade faculty by serving as team leader, conducting biweekly forums for building leadership skills, discussing issues, and learning about policy changes.
• Coordinated and communicated with colleagues to develop innovative educational strategies and give students benefits derived from collaborative teamwork.


AIRWAYS MIDDLE SCHOOL, Memphis, Tennessee 2001-2005
Reading Specialist
• Conducted Read 180 program to develop skills in struggling readers by supplying books, leveraging technology for computer skill development, and providing individualized interaction with each student.
• Helped write and implement $50,000 grant to offer children in low-performing and economically challenged schools technology, books, tutoring, and Saturday events designed to enhance learning.
• Acquired national training on new strategies for teaching and enhancing learning quality in classroom, sharing new knowledge with colleagues.
• Served on School Improvement Committee to review student assessment results and recommend changes for increasing literacy; plan implementation reduced low performer quartile from 20% to 5%.
• Oversaw Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program, distributing free books three times annually in effort to promote lifelong love for reading and reduce future social/economic problems tied to low literacy.

Librarianship Endorsement (12 hours), University of Memphis, Tennessee 2012
Published Author, Contorted, A Twisted Life, Memphis, Tennessee 2011
Published Author, Beneath the Surface, Memphis, Tennessee 2010
Drama Writing, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. 2009
Practical Drawing, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. 2008
Reading Endorsement (12 hours), University of Memphis, Tennessee 2006
Read 180, Teacher Learning Academy 2004
Leadership Conference, Early Childhood Administrators 2004
Literacy Conference, Dr. Quality Quinn 2003
Balanced Literacy, Oakland, California 2003
Literacy Institute, Dr. Janet Allen 2003
TAMS Conference, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 2003
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