Walaa Ali

Freelance Arabic Translator & Project Manager

Location:Falls Church, Virginia, United States
2 Skills
Cell: 703-989-3044 E-mail: walaa_fakhri@yahoo.com


Six years of experience working in international development in Iraq and U.S. with teams on multi- million dollar contracts, grants and cooperative agreements. Excellent skills in support of project coordination, finance/budgeting and tracking costs, reporting and M&E systems, data management and analysis, knowledge management, organization, administration, training, conference planning. Fluent in Arabic and English. Expertise working with Microsoft suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint and SharePoint applications) as well as various databases. Iraq citizen, US Permanent Resident.


• 2004 B.Sc in Computer Science, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq.


• 2012 Project Design & Management - USAID/Washington, DC.
• 2011 Building Effective Inter-functional Relationships - USAID/Iraq.
• 2011 Evaluation for Program Managers - USAID/Iraq.
• 2011 Programming Foreign Assistance (PFA) - USAID/Washington, DC.
• 2011 International Human Rights Program “equitas” – Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)/ Canada.
• 2010 Foreign Assistance Performance Monitoring & Evaluation - USAID/Iraq.
• 2010 Global Acquisition & Assistance System (GLAAS) - USAID/Iraq.
• 2010 Monitoring & Evaluation Fundamental, Global Health - USAID/Iraq.
• 2010 Fostering Change in Health Services, Global Health - USAID/Iraq.
• 2010 Human Resource for Health (HRH) Basics, Global Health - USAID/Iraq.
• 2010 Commercial Private Health Sector Basics, Global Health - USAID/Iraq.
• 2010 Human Rights Towards Equality Gender - Project Management – Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)/Sweden.
• 2009 Strengthening Human Rights and Media Activist – Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC)/Lebanon.
• 2009 Iraqi Civil Society Organization, Capacity Building – Development for People and Nature Associate (DPNA)/Lebanon.
• 2008 Basic Training in Human Rights - Arab Institute for Human Rights/Tunisia.
• 2008 Communication Skill and Conflict Management – Safe Horizon Organization/Iraq.
• 2008 Project Coordination - Relief International (RI) & Columbia University's Center for International Conflict Resolution (CICR)/Iraq.
• 2008 Peace Builders/Advance Conflict Assessment Facilitator - RI & CICR/Iraq.
• 2008 Advance Skills and Concepts for Community Conflict Assessment - RI & CICR/Iraq.
• 2008 Basic Skills in Conflict Assessment - RI & CICR/Iraq.
• 2007 Training of Trainers Workshop (TOT) – International Finance and Corporation (IFC)/Business Edge (PEP)/Middle East North Africa and World Bank Group (WBG)/Jordan.
• 2007 Training of Assessors Workshop (TOA) – IFC/PEP/WBG/Jordan.


• Cardno Emerging Markets U.S.A, www.cardno.com/emergingmarkets 09/2013 – Present (Short Term)


Database Management Consultant

Cardno is an ASX-200 professional infrastructure and environmental services company, with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world.

Responsibilities & Accomplishments
• Conducted extensive quality assurance data auditing to ensure data integrity within database systems (SharePoint).
• Organized project data from various global offices into a single comprehensive repository for ease of tracking, storing and reporting.
• Conducted review of contractor performance assessment reports to extract feedback into a matrix for future proposal development support.
• Completed over 2,000 records in Cardno Project Quals Database, included project data sheets, Spun qualifications, brief project descriptions and USAID Proposal Past Performance Report (PPRs).
• Recommended solutions to improve database management and optimize database systems for performance and operational efficiency.
• Reviewed and corrected existing project data and proposal documents within the last five years period to extract partners, small business and local organizations contact information for Contact Management Database (CRM) data importing.
• Created streamline contact information from various sources to one central location to organize contact relationships, track changes and manage future business development.

• United States Agency for International Development (USAID), www.usaid.gov 08/2009 – 06/2013

Baghdad, Iraq

Performance Management Specialist (Foreign Services National Employee)

USAID is the United States federal government agency primarily responsible for administering the U.S. government’s civilian foreign aid. The 629.9 billion USAID programs (2003-2013) are focused on assisting Iraq in building and sustaining a healthy economy, providing essential human services for Iraqis and achieving full use of its natural resources.

Responsibilities & Accomplishments
• Reviewed financial and statistical data for 16 projects which reported by USAID partners to ensure compliance with established Performance Management Plans (PMPs) and mandatory data quality assessments to support indicators reporting systems.
• Advised program staff on specific strategic initiatives in health sector i.e. establishes primary health clinics and health training programs for medical staff of Ministry of Health and communities throughout Iraq which assisted in improve the strategic goals and created healthy and educated individuals in challenge environment.
• Provided training to approximately 25 Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) to develop project management and M&E skills based on thoroughness and the ability to communicate efficiently with diverse individuals and groups.
• Developed in collaboration with program team a database system which facilitated manage, monitor and report technical offices portfolio of assistance projects and activities.
• Designed, developed and implemented database systems;
• Managed monthly financial statements of USAID contractors.
• Ensured gender mainstreaming in project planning, implementation and reporting;
• Received two awards from USAID for outstanding performance and excellent management.
• Maintained comprehensive office calendar/meetings filing system accordance with the established USAID Records Management System Guidance.

• Relief International (RI)/Columbia University, Baghdad, Iraq www.ri.org 04/2008-04/2009

Baghdad, Iraq

Project Manager

The $24 million USAID-funded program; Iraq Community – Based Conflict Mitigation Project ICCM will draw on traditional Iraqi methods of conflict mitigation as well as established western peace building practices to encourage dialogue between identity groups that have become divided during the current war and create new spaces for Iraqis to work together in the pursuit of peace in Iraq.

Responsibilities & Accomplishments
• Supervised 65 Conflict Assessment Facilitators (CAFs) located throughout Iraq, and prepared analytical summaries of primary conflict factors then highlights the conflict triggers, actors and identified potential projects to mediate them.
• Implemented 60 quick impact projects for 29 communities addressing major conflict factors based on the conflict assessment findings.
• Developed strong relationships with local Iraqi civil society, tribal leadership, and local government to support and facilitate implementing the impact projects which assisted effectively to mitigate the violence in targeted areas.
• Designed and developed all project materials including (proposal template, monitoring and evaluation template, assessment and questionnaire template, database systems, advertising and promotional materials) where ICCM staff used them to put the ideas of impact projects, actual values of beneficiaries and to conduct surveys for future projects.
• Organized and developed extensive workshops to approximately 500 local NGOs which included sessions in (proposal writing, budgeting, scope of work and performance planning, monitoring and evaluating the project).
• Conducted conflict mitigation training for 12 District Advisory Councils in Baghdad.
• Wrote comprehensive reports and recommendations for director’s review to ensure that ICCM is targeting beneficiaries correctly by give a community conflict analysis and quick impact projects to sustaining a healthy environment through increase CSO and community activities.

• International Relief and Development (IRD), Baghdad, Iraq www.ird.org 06/2006 – 03/2008

Baghdad, Iraq

Grant Manager

The $644 million USAID-funded program; Community Stabilization Program CSP aimed to mitigate conflict and boost employment through vocational training, job placement, business development, community infrastructure rehabilitation, and youth engagement in 15 beneficiary cities throughout the nation.

Responsibilities & Accomplishments
• Supervised and supported the local communities to develop new local businesses through Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises grant program (grants ranged from $500 to $100,000 to encourage existing business owners to expand their businesses and potential entrepreneurs to start new businesses (created or restored more than 36,500 long-term jobs and started or expanded over 10,000 businesses).
• Devised the grantees business management training to more than 10,000 entrepreneurs to better prepare them to successfully start or maintain their business.
• Performed training to approximately 200 local staff to develop the business skills in SME grant program.
• Conducted extensive conferences with governmental councils and stakeholders to support a community-focused plan that encouraged community involvement and self-assessment of needs helped to build acceptance of the programs.
• Designed and developed Master Database System to support the mission reports, data backup and program records.

• Korea Food for Hungry International (KFHI), www.kfhi.or.kr 06/2003-12/2003

Baghdad, Iraq

Health Analyst (Volunteer)

HFHI is an NGO established to raise awareness of poverty and hunger around the world. Public Health/Medical program goal is to establish hospitals in areas where the medial equipments and technologies lag behind.

Responsibilities & Accomplishments
• Conducted social campaigns and coordination between KHFI and government health centers to teach advance medical technologies and give basic public health sanitary education and clinical treatments.