Matthew Beck

Freelance Business Plan Writer & Business Writer

Location:United States
2 Skills
For over 18 years, I have been working with small business owners in an accounting and consulting capacity.I am a Co-Founder of Park East Group that has helped small business owners across the US.

Our business plans and consulting services have recharged business owners to grow at a steady pace that is organic- while placing customers first and providing the best goods and services on the market.

How? Park East Group works with our clients to develop the skills to be successful in all facets of entrepreneurship.We stress excellence in sales,production,operations and in dealings with staff,vendors and the community. We strive to make your organization the envy of competitors and the desired place to work for staff.


* Results driven consulting services with a focus on controlled growth and collaboration with management , employees , investors ,stakeholders and boards of trustees..

* Prepare strategic plans that position the firm for growth.

* Craft marketing strategies to develop existing customer bases and expand into new markets.

* Design business models to capitalize on new market opportunities profitably.

* Forging and developing strategic relationships with bankers, investors,entrepreneurs & stakeholders.

* Secure project financing by designing business plans that appeal to investors and bankers

* Ensuring all business plans are exceptional in design and exceed the standards by stakeholders.

* Design,craft and manage crowd funding campaigns.provide consulting services.

Over the years I have helped my clients with strategy,planning and consulting needs.I am looking forward to working with you.