Mark Lane

Freelance Book Writer & Editor

Location:Little Neck, New York, United States
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I'm a 60 year old married male,one daughtet starting grad school in the fall for creative writing college teaching. I work in retail.part of a merchandising team in New York City and Long Island supermarkets. I write humor as a hobby, with many posts on I occasionally submit my articles to local papers that sometimes get published. I take the real and male it surreal.My articles are based on my experiences.observations, family, fear,(arachiphobia),love of dining out, hatred of my job,and often just made up stories I come up with my unique imagination and creativity. I often add an Alfred Hitchcock to the end of what I write. My Eons fans actually look foward to my posts. My wife complains because I never get paid for anything I write. I have a Masters Degree in biology/education from in 1978, managed a Brooklyn family pharmacy for nearly 2 decades and now I'm on my knees moving Cocoa Puffs and Clorox on shelves and usually moving the shelves too. So give me a break, please !!!! Thanks. MARK
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