Sabina Islam

Freelance Photo Editor & Poster Designer

Location:Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2 Skills
Personal Data
Family Name :Islam
First name :Sabina
Contact Address :Apartment – 1C,
House -09, Road – 01, RupNagar Residential Area
Mirpur, , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone: Mob- 01712-01-2232


Nationality :Bangladeshi
Date of birth :1st July, 1966
Place of birth :Bangladesh
Marital Status : Single


1990 :MSS in Economics
Chittagong University, Bangladesh
1989 :BSS in Economics
Chittagong University, Bangladesh
Training & Other Activities


- Participated a two days Workshop on Report Writing at British Council on November 6, 13 2010.
- Participated in a five days training workshop on ‘Result and Impact oriented Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches” organized by Market Development Forum with Technical Assistance of Asian Management Institute Ltd. during 27th - 31st July 2008.
- Participated in a 10 days management training course on “Total Quality Management”, organized by Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) in July 2003.
- Completed the course on “Sustainability and Alternative Financing for Community based Reproductive and Child Health focusing on leverage strategic aspects, conducted by the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) in New Delhi, India from February 12 to February 23, 2001.
- Participated in the training courses on “Participatory Project Planning , organized by FIVDB from during April 3-13, 1994
- Participated internal training courses on i) foundation course on Social Work, ii) Accounts and Budget Maintenance iii)Project Management organized by Concern Bangladesh during 1993-1994.
- Participated in ZOPP (Objective oriented project planning) – basic course organized by ZOPP Coordination Unit during March 3-8, 1993.

Other Activities:
- Conducted the study independently on the assigned topics ” Health Needs Assessment of the Working Children under Dhaka Metropolitan Area.” during Nov-December, 2000 on behalf of Radda MCH – FP Centre, funded by Ford Foundation.
- Organized and coordinated the “1st South Asian Conference on Reproductive and Child Health” on be half of BAMANEH with the collaboration of OGSB during November 26-28/1999 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 450 Participants participated from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka and India.
- Arranged a 12 days Regional Exchange Program on “ Child Domestic Workers “ held in Bangladesh with the financial support of CWA(Child Workers in Asia) from 08 to 20 March 1997. Participants from Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Srilanka, Indoneshia, Maldip and India.
- Arranged a two days Workshop on “Rehabilitation Process of Sharkary Ashroyee Kendraw (SAK) program under Directorate of Social Services (DSS), on behalf of Concern Bangladesh in 1995.


- Life member of Bangladesh Economic Association
- Executive Board Member of “Jahanara Nishi SS Foundation & Assistant Director of Cultural Unit

Computer Literacy

- Proficiency in MS OFFICE (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point), SPSS

Language skills:
Speaking Writing Reading/ Understanding
Bengali Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Good Good Good

Countries of Work
Experience : Bangladesh

Professional Experiences

Period : January, 2011 to May 2011
Employer : The WorldFish Center-Bangladesh & South Asia Office
House-22B, Road-7, Block-F, Banani, Dhaka - 1213, Bangladesh
Phone: (+880-2) 8813250
Position : Applied Socio-Economist/Gender Specialist,
Expansion of the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA) in Bangladesh
Projects / Tasks
• Working with program officers- be responsible for assisting the program in the design and implementation of pro-poor gender sensitive strategies, activities, reporting and outcome assessment for the WorldFish Center (WFC) portions of the Expansion of the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA) in Bangladesh which will work to increase farm household income and productivity, principally focusing on improved cereal cropping systems but also including fish and other high value agriculture opportunities.
• Assist in the design of pro-poor program activities that ensures that the principle beneficiaries of CSISA are poor farmers with an emphasis on women and girls. Benefits include improved nutritional outcomes.
• Examine the gender roles in decision making, seek to include activities that support their participation.
• Participate in designing and conducting social science, nutritional and gender related studies, training and outcome assessment with the senior project team members
• Conduct frequent field visits to coordinate and monitor project activities of the project;
• Provide support and conduct such other activities as and when required by the Project Coordinator and the Director—South Asia.

Period : August, 2009 to December 2011
Employer : Bangladesh Agribusiness Development Project (BADP)
with Financial and technical support of ADB
Department of Agriculture Marketing(DAM)
Ministry of Agriculture.
22, Manik Mia Avenue, Sech Bhaban. Dhaka.
Position : Social & Gender Specialist (guided by ADB)
Projects / Tasks
• Developed Gender Action Plan (GAP) for the Bangladesh Agribusiness Development Project
• Orient NGOs, Project Staffs, representatives from all related ministries of Agribusiness on Gender Action Plan, related Gender and social issues in Agribusiness and on their roles in promoting gender equality.
• Review the programs of participating NGOs and encourage them to focus on and involve women to the maximum extent possible. Make constructive suggestions to NGOs while they can be incorporated into their business and operational plan.
• Organize 6 regional Workshop in Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong and Sylhet region on ‘Women in Agribusiness. Participants were from BCCI, KCCI, CCCI, SCCI members from BWCI, borrowers from Agribusiness under concern PNGOs, representatives from PNGOs, other local NGOs, Banks (BASIC , EBL), DAM, DLO, DAE DOF of all the concern region.
• Publicize the success of women entrepreneurs under the project to encourage others to come forward and take advantage of the project potential benefits.
• Conduct study to assess current situation of public market management and impediments to women in accessing the market and suggest remedial measures.
• Organize 6 regional Workshop in Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong and Sylhet region on ‘Women in Agribusiness . Participants were from BCCI, KCCI, CCCI, SCCI members from BWCI, borrowers from Agribusiness under concern PNGOs, representatives from PNGOs, other local NGOs, Banks (BASIC , EBL), DAM, DLO, DAE DOF of all the concern region.
• Determine training needs of the potential women entrepreneurs and organize training programs for them. Ensure women’s participation in training opportunities for women entrepreneurs interested in developing agribusiness ventures.
• Orient Project Staff on Gender and Agribusiness - develop module and impart training.
• Work with NGOs and interested organizations to develop in – house trainers to impart training on entrepreneurship development including the development of manuals, provisions of illustrations and materials and impart of training courses.
• Establish linkages of project beneficiaries with women chambers and associations to improve their capacity to identify and invest in agribusiness ventures.
• Establish linkage among project beneficiaries and women market section / section built under various loans of ADB like North West Crop Diversification Project, Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project etc.
• Work with BME Specialist to develop a data base with appropriate gender based monitoring indicators to highlight project effects on women development , livelihood improvement and social development.
• Highlight project effects through case studies that illustrate women empowerment dimensions of the project beneficiaries
• Undertake any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the project director.

Period : July 2008, to July , 2009
Employer : RPDO- Tangail, Bridhhi , Dhaka , BADP, DAM , Ministry of Agriculture.
Position : Freelance Consultant
Projects / Tasks:
• Write Project Proposal Women and Adolescent development for RPDO ,Tangail
• Develop Monitoring System of the existing activities of 19 districts of RPDO
• Working with Bridhhi as a Team member of developing training materials and conduct training sessions for Master trainers of PNGOs of WFP.
• Worked as resource persons of BADP for designing training curriculum of Women Entrepreneurship and conducted the sessions .

Period : March, 2004 to March, 2008
Employer : GITEC CONSULT GMBH, Germany
Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project (RIIP), RDP-25.
Institutional Support & Training Component, ADB, GTZ and KFW supported project.
Level-6, LGED Bhaban,
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Dhaka.

Position : Gender & Women Development Specialist (Guided by ADB & GTZ)
Projects / Tasks
• Advised and assist the Project Management Officials (PMO) and LGED personals for providing guidance in developing policy, programs and strategies of the project to implement the Gender Action Plan (GAP) and poverty reduction program according to MDGs with the financial and technical assistance of ADB, GTZ, KFW & Government of Bangladesh.
• Arranged sharing meetings to review Gender Action Plan in collaboration with PMO, ADB and GTZ external Expert.
• Ensure gender, poverty, disability and social development issues are incorporated and implemented in all the components (training, road maintenance & tree care taking, market development, road safety, local government strengthening) Including Infrastructure Development and Institutional Support & Capacity Building process.
• Develop mechanisms for ensuring participation and regular consultation with women of union council ward members, NGOs and citizens, in the selection process of local infrastructure, union level planning / management and other activities under the project area (100 Upazilas of 16 districts under Khulna & Barisal division) through PMO / PIO members, Executive Engineers & LGED field level personnel.
• Assist LGED Executive Engineers for planning, designing and implementing the project activities in gender mainstreaming approach and to protect labor law in the area of construction works of the project including consultations with the targeted groups of LGED field level staff, site manager, labour (male / female) representatives by organizing / conducting 20 Workshops at 16 districts of Khulna and Barisal division and on going monitoring.
• Conduct base line survey on the 1) the status of female UP members 2) the Socio Economical status of employed LCS members under the project area.
• Provide necessary technical and financial support to Union Parishads to promote gender sensitivity , Women / Human / Legal rights through observing related different national and international days(performed Essay Competition among the children of School, Madrasha etc)
• Empowered Market Management Committees (MMC) through formal and on job training for managing Women Market Sections (WMSs).
• Designed a 71 days training packages (technical & basic awareness, basic literacy, entrepreneurship, IGAs) for preventing destitution fall back of each of 3000 female road maintenance & tree plantation workers under two divisions of the project areas and have been implementing through LGED, Partner NGOs( Banchte Shekha, Sushilan, Mukti, AVAS, Shaklapo Trust, RPDO, Subashati) and other local resources after providing necessary TOT and financial support as the part of their(PNGOs) capacity building for sustaining the services.
• Designed training packages (6 days Entrepreneurship training) for selected Female Shop Owners (FSO) of WMS at developed 66 Growth Centers under 16 districts which have been implementing by the Partner NGOs after organizing necessary TOT.
• Prepared all relevant training modules / curriculum, visual aids. Prepared and published news letter ‘Union Barta’ and circulated among the nine hundred Union Parishads of the project area for sharing learning’s.
• Conduct different training / workshops as the resource person of the project at both management and field level.
• Develop gender based monitoring system at all levels of project planning, implementation & monitoring.
• Prepare a component- wise annual plan and budget for integrating into the overall annual plan of the project.
• Monitoring and supervision of the technical & financial part of the partner NGOs.
• Participated and contributed to prepare LGED Gender Action plan(particularly Rural part) of phase II (2008-2015) .
• Prepared quarterly and annual report.
• Any other duties as assigned by the Project Management.
Period : December, 03- March, 2004
Employer : Transport Sector Program Support (Minor Roads)
Level-8, LGED Bhaban, Sher-e-bangla road, Dhaka.
Position : Consultant
Projects / Tasks
• Conduct the study independently on the assigned topics” Income Generating Activities in Lakhsmipur District and training need assessment of the LCS members under Lakhsmipur, LGED”.
• Prepared a report(draft) on the findings of the study including proposal
• Arranged a workshop for sharing and discussion of the findings and proposals at LGED Head Quarter
• Prepared final report of the study findings including final recommendations/ proposals
Period : April,2001 to June,2003
Employer : The Bureau of Economic Consultants (PVT) Limited
under GTZ-Rural Development Project-14, LGED
Level-10, LGED Bhaban, Sher-e-bangla road, Dhaka.
Position : Women Development Specialist (Technical support by GTZ)
Projects / Tasks
• Development and implementation of a component of Rural Infrastructure project on behalf of LGED to enable the targeted destitute women those are engaged as Road Maintenance Worker for running profitable Income Generating Activities (IGAs) after termination from their present job.
• Identification of Income Generating Activities after assessment of their Socio-Economic condition and local resources.
• Organized of job orientation training, awareness raising training on basic human rights, literacy, IGA through NGO and GO and collaboration at local and district level.
• Organized of training for both the LGED and NGO personals for empowering themselves on ‘women and gender development, planning, implementation and monitoring process of the assigned task, IGA training management.
• Over all responsible to prepare and publish the news letter “ Khola Chithi”(used as encouraging tools to the newly literate road maintenance workers as well as create a scope of appreciation those are started their knowledge into their daily life after participated trainings)with necessary support from Press on quarterly basis and distributed among the stake holders.
• Closely monitoring the assigned tasks of LGED relevant staffs and NGO personals.
• Developed training materials, visual aids.
• Prepared and control budget for different trainings
• Prepared quarterly and yearly progress report.
• Participated and contributed to prepare LGED Gender Action plan phase I (2002-2007).
• Organized a Workshop at LGED Head Quarter for learning sharing on “Women Development Component in LGED”

Period : September, 1999 to April 2001
Employer : Bangladesh Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health (BAMANEH)
Position : Director
Projects / Tasks
• Over all management and implementation of the organization.
• Development and implementation of Income Generating Activities (IGA) for the poor destitute women to increase their purchasing capacity for ensuring health services through providing training on awareness, leadership as well as IGA according to their own interest, need and resources.
• Planning, monitoring and implementation of the projects of BAMANEH with in a team work frame.
• Participating at different networking meeting on regular basis with Govt. & Non Govt. organizations including District Commissioners, Civil Surgeons, Deputy Director of Family Planning.
• Preparation of Project Proposal, Annual Report, Semi-annual reports for Donor agencies as per the objectives of the project.
• Keeping of liaison on regular basis with different donor agencies as well as with NGO Affairs Bureau.
• Coordination and organization of First South Asian Conferences on Reproductive and Child Health” on behalf of BAMANEH during November 26-29, 1999 in Dhaka.
• Organized a PRA with technical assistance of Swiss Red Cross to improve sanitation situation of the rural project area by the members of Mothers Club.

Period : July, 1998 to September 1999
Employer : Social Outreach Program for Development (SOPD),
Radda Barnen, Swedish Save the Children
Position : Independent Consultant for different Women and Child
Development Organization
Projects /Tasks
• Conducted a survey and prepared report on Socio-economic condition and local resources of the Kotowaly Upazila, Dinajpur on behalf of SOPD.
• Evaluated the impacted of the savings and credit program of SOPD through sampling survey after one year of the program.
• Revised the program design of SOPD for proper utilization of community resources including local Govt. Administrations.
• Prepared a project proposal on “Shelter and Assistances for Rehabilitation Approach(SARA) – a temporary shelter centre for the residents of Sharkary Ashroyee Kendraw, directorate of Social Services- a pilot project of SOPD and a project proposal on “A day care centre for the children of the disadvantaged women of Kotowali Upazila, Dinajpur that is the supporting project of SOPD. Developed program monitoring process and Management Information System (MIS).
• Worked with Radda Barnen –Swedish Save the Children, as consultant to i) Assess the impact and effect of their campaign program on domestic child workers through the advertisement on the seat covers of the buses within Dhaka Metropolitan areas and ii)The advertisements on the back side of rickshaws within the old part of Dhaka city as well as the effectiveness of the media of the advertisement i.e. Buses and Rickshaws.
Period : November,1997- February 1998
Employer : Bangladesh Drishtihin Foundation (BDF)

Position : Project Coordinator of Comprehensive Eye Care Project (CECP)

Donor : MEMISA, Netherlands

• Responsible for overseeing the over all project management, implementation and monitoring the project.
• Staffs recruitment from the central office to the project level at 11 Upazilas of two districts and arranging basic orientation training for all team members of the project.
• Arranged a networking meeting with GO / NGO level in two districts to avoid duplication of the work and maximizing the local resources including DC, Civil Surgeon and other executive personnel of the non governmental organizations of the district.
• Arranged an eye operation session (cataract) with the collaboration of Civil Surgeons at Upazila Health complex- which was a routine program for every fifteen days, arranged for the cataract eye patients of that district.
• Initiated credit program for visually disable adolescent girls and boys those already completed basic education on Braille system for rehabilitating them in the community.
• Arranged an education system for visually disabled children within their community’s school with the help of motivated community leaders and also organized an orientation & mobility training for the visually disabled children themselves as well as their family members.
• Organized monthly CECP committee meeting and presented monthly progress report with financial explanation including the projection of future plan.

Period : March, 1996 to November,1997
Employer : Shoishab Bangladesh
Position : i) Assistant Director: 3/03/96 -30/8/96
ii)Director: 1/9/96- 1/11/97

Donors : SKIPS, Save the children- UK, Red burnet, Plan International

• Over all management and administration of the organization including supervision of 51 staff members.
• Prepared project proposal for continuation of the running project to different donor agencies
• Planning, implementation, monitoring and supervision of the project
• Prepared annual progress report, financial and management report.
• Maintain good liaison with GO / NGO, Donor agencies and different partnership development organizations i.e. SKIP, Save the children- UK Plan International, Red Barnet. effective relationship with NGO Affairs Bureau.
• Arranged a 12 days Regional Exchange Program on “ Child Domestic Workers “ held in Bangladesh with the financial support of CWA(Child Workers in Asia) from 08 to 20 March 1997. Participants from Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Srilanka, Indoneshia, Maldip and India.

Period : Oct,1992 to Oct, 1995
Employer : Concern Bangladesh,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Position : Team Leader (Sarkary Asroy Kendraw Program)
Projects / Tasks
• Over all management and development of the project of SAK of DSS (Directorate of Social Service) on behalf of Concern Bangladesh for a very particular group of destitute women, disadvantaged children, mentally retired, specially socially handicapped people, those are detained by the magistrate. Ensuring individual case work including care plan for providing training, counseling, family rehabilitation, job rehabilitation etc. Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the day to day program. Preparing project proposal (technical & financial), monthly / quarterly report including financial statement. Administrate and guide the day to day activities of the team members. Evaluation staff performances. Arranged TOT for the staff members. Initiated and Managed a research oriented case management cell to advice police department, magistrate, DSS as well as concern authorities for review their selection criteria, prosecution process and rehabilitation process.

Period : Dec, 1991 to Oct, 1992
Employer : P&M Consultants Ltd.
Position : Research Associate
Projects / Tasks
• Developed questioners and arranged training for the team of field workers in survey of 10,000 household in Dhaka. Compiled data collected by the field workers, tabulated data together with other tabulators and assist the team leader in preparing reports.

Period : Sep, 1990 - Dec, 1991
Employer : Terre-des-hommes (Switzerland).
Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Position : Senior Teacher (Migrant Children Program)

Projects / Tasks
• Planning and implementation of appropriate education program for a very particular group of disadvantaged children.
• Prepared teaching materials, budget and report.
• Observed different national and international days related on Child right issues.
• Maintained liaison with external institutes (Surovi, UCEP) to provide higher education / vocational training for the particular group of working children.

I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications and my experiences.

(Signature) Date: 2/06/2011
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