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Angela M Sansone

Freelance Creative Writer & Graphic Designer

Location:Henderson, Nevada, United States
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I am new to the site, I guess it would be best to just list what I am skilled in doing, but preferably I'd rather show my abilities and to what extent they exceed.

I am highly trained for office and clerical duties, type fast, computer savvy and of course I take a genuine concern towards customer service tasks. This I assume, will be much different. I would think this would relate more to the things we are passionate about, where we expand our talents during the time spent away from work. The elective subjects we are advanced in, having sculpted and grown over years of spare time, the things we love to do, otherwise we wouldn't have been doing it so long for free.

Writing and design, artistry, in more forms than one, have always been a passion of mine, I was never a fiction reader, although it doesn't stop the ideas for a good fiction book from popping into my head from time to time. As for what I preferred reading in my youth, I remember it was a tiring event as a kid to take trips to the library, hours spent with my family scaling wall to wall for something that might capture our interest with more than great pictures.

Expected to find something other than dry humor or sarcastic literature, it was strongly suggested we find a few chapter books to avoid punishment. "The Goosebumps" series of books were just hitting shelves, and I believe R.L.Stein had written some older viewer content as well at this time. I would check out one or two at the most and rest would be documentaries, or some type of descriptive book on a particular subject. My brother would make me look bad, usually carrying at the minimum five of these chapter books, and for the next few weeks we were expected to actually complete them, which I know he usually did.

My books that consisted of manuals, explanatory literary, even sometimes textbooks, and then of course my two chapter books met a different fate. By the time the day was over I would have ripped through my odd choices, read all about geology, gems, meteorites, sociology, even a large green book of sports articles dating back to the late 1800's. What ever I hadn't learned about, I wanted to, automotive mechanics, psychology, neurology, and if I could find work by Emerson, or Poe, that's where my eyes went.
As for my fiction chapter books, well they could usually be found somewhere between my bed and wall, most often they stayed there until I had to return them. Once or twice I finished one here and there, but found myself thinking of better alternatives or frustrated with endings which didn't help the cause. Fictional reading usually just put me to sleep.

Once I stopped taking these family trips to the library you could usually find me reading the dictionary and afterward, motivated by recent linguistic discoveries, I would write, articulate, and critique until I fell asleep.

Writing wasn't my only passion, art and design were my only outlet to escape my mind, and I definitely needed to get away from time to time. Today I have taken my skills into the logo battlegrounds, and headed down a path of graphic art. Usually just drawing on "paper" on my ipad, it has spared me from having to buy art supplies, and art pads. I realized it's much easier to share your artwork if you draw it directly into a source portal for unlimited opportunities, such as the internet.

So this is enough reminiscing, and explaining, if your interested in my talents or skills and would like to put them to good use, let me know. I am open minded about budgets, flexible in schedule, and willing to work in any field I have experience in. So don't hesitate to ask or fear proposing a complex request, I welcome challenge.
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