Freelance Database Programmer & Mainframe Programmer

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
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Venkat Srinivasan
2502, Parkcrest Drive,
BENTONVILLE, AR, 72712 (609) 707-2080
A contractual position as a DB2 DBA / Systems Programmer / Performance specialist
• Over 20 years of DB2 Database and System administration experience with special expertise in sub system Performance tuning, monitoring, Buffer Pool tuning, I/O management and data sharing. Also experienced in developing system wide standards, creating application development environment / setting up production environment, establishing Backup / Recovery procedures and disaster recovery procedures for DB2 databases.
• A well-recognized, internationally known DB2 Performance consultant for tuning ERP applications.
• Very strong experience in product installation / migration / subsystem maintenance by applying APARs / PTFs using SMP/E, maintaining System catalogs and directory and full system restore.
• Experienced in Data modeling, Physical and logical database design using CASE tools such as ERWIN / IEF products.
• Significant experience in very large Data warehouse design, administration and performance tuning.
• Special expertise in Physical database design for very large databases.
• Strong Proficiency in coding zArchitecture Assembler, CLIST, REXX,COBOL, JAVA, IEF, CICS, PERL, UNIX Shell, SQL, online / offline DB2 utilities and Datastudio.
• Knowledge of MVS – OS internals, zOS Control blocks, administration and significant experience in advanced procedures in coding MVS operating system exit programs, SRB and PC routines.
• Very strong expertise in Workload manager GOAL / policy setup, Coupling Facility (CF) sizing.
• Proficient in using tools such as DB2PM, RMF, OMEGAMON, PLATINUM, BMC Mainview and CA Detector etc. Proficient in coding in-house tools to read SMF, GTF and DB2 IFI data facilities.
• Very strong expertise in SQL performance tuning, DB2 performance traces and IFCID analysis.
• Very strong expertise in DB2 subsystem tuning in DB2 z/OS Data sharing mode.
• Very strong expertise in performance tuning and troubleshooting potential system bottlenecks in PeopleSoft / SAP implementations.
• Very strong expertise in architecture planning, assessment, administration, maintenance and performance tuning of DB2 and DB2 Connect.
• Very strong knowledge in coding SLIP, analyzing SVC Dumps and Standalone Dumps using IPCS.
• Strong expertise in DFDSS ADRDSSU utility and HSM Flash backup and Flash recovery.
• Strong familiarity with most flavors of UNIX including AIX, SOLARIS, and LINUX etc.
• Significant Experience in Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and setup for very large data centers.
Professional Experience
Exxon Mobil April, 2013 – Current

• Current role is that of a senior consultant in systems programming team supporting a large data sharing infrastructure comprising of 60 SAP DB2 subsystems and 20 Legacy DB2 systems. Day-to-day responsibilities include performance evaluations at application / sub system level, monitoring the health of various subsystems and applying periodic product maintenance. Installed the required software to support IBM Data analytics accelerator product and evaluated the feasibility of deploying accelerator in DB2V10 zOS environment. Installed DB2 Recovery Expert tool and customized the tool. Championed the setup efforts for setting up System Level Backup (Flash copy) environment for backing up SAP databases.

Wal-Mart Stores August, 2005 – February 2013

• Although much of the experience in Wal-Mart was in the role of a consultant, total experience includes a brief role (six months) as the enterprise technical expert as an associate.
• Functioned as a technical lead for the corporation leading a 15 member DB2 Systems Programming team to assist in architectural assessment, sub system planning, troubleshooting performance bottlenecks in SQL statements / DB2 subsystem and leading the efforts of maintenance and availability for one of the largest Parallel Sysplex setup in the world comprising of 250+ DB2 sub systems including 150+ DB2 systems hosting SAP environment. Setup tuning methodologies for the enterprise by building in-house routines, to gather Performance metrics from SMF data.
• Invented several automation tools to facilitate DB2 sub system level backup and recovery using Flashcopy technology and wrote automated tasks for identifying long running tasks, analyzing bottlenecks using SAP performance tools and CA detector.
• Designed solutions for catalog REORG, problems involving complicated recovery procedures and cloning of sub systems such as inter sysplex system cloning for SAP from flash backup.
• Wrote several performance reporting tools using DB2 Instrumentation Facility (IFI), SMF records, Assembler and REXX. Designed and developed automation scripts to monitor DB2 Connect gateway operation and performance.
• Researched PTFs and APARs, reviewed SMP/E error sysmods, positioned RSU maintenance on legacy systems and PUT maintenance on SAP systems and worked with IBM Level-2 on PMRs. As a lead member of the team, played a pivotal role in charting customer specific product feature requirements in DB2, z/OS and DFHSM to IBM design team.
• Conducted numerous internal training on DB2 internals, Performance tuning, administration, automation and operations. In addition, day to day experience includes troubleshooting operational and performance issues in applications and DB2 subsystems.
• Wrote numerous playbooks for troubleshooting and resolving operational issues for DBA team. Designed and authored an automation tool to help eliminate Private Protocol.
• Tuned SQL statements by analyzing access path, creating indexes, tuning bufferpool and lock structures for SAP, distributed applications and Legacy applications using MAINVIEW, CA Detector, Subsystem analyzer, RMF, Data studio and native SMF performance records.
• Guided the DBA team, to deploy automated process for REORG / RUNSTATS / BACKUP operations.
• Presented operational workload trends for management and interacted with the large systems capacity planning team to forecast CPU, Memory and CF Memory utilization.

Target Corporation Dec, 2004 – May, 2005

• Provided services by leading the efforts of database administration and operations of a typical PeopleSoft implementation and performed performance tuning of PeopleSoft HR and Workbrain implementation.
• As one of the recognized experts in the field, helped characterization of workloads for WLM. Provided assistance in sizing of DB2, DB2 Connect and Coupling Facility (CF). Provided expertise in the design and performance tuning of Web server (WebSphere) and Tuxedo application server. Assumed the overall responsibility of stress testing of online interactive workload, decision support queries and analyzing the results using DB2 accounting report and RMF workload manager service class period report.
• Captured and tuned poor performing SQL statements using DB2PM, CA INSIGHT and PeopleSoft application trace facilities and identified tuning opportunities using SQL EXPLAIN facility. Helped the installation DBA team by performing database maintenance activities such as REORG and RUNSTATS.
• Worked with the installation systems programmers to review ZPARMs and customize active logs and archive pool.

Yum Brands May, 2004 – December, 2004

• Provided services in performance tuning PeopleSoft Financial implementation and supported performance tuning of Batch, Online and Reporting workload. Responsibility included Web server (WebSphere) and Tuxedo application server design and performance tuning. Reviewed the load test results from load runner and identified tuning opportunities. In addition supported the DBA team by providing DBA support for the PeopleSoft databases in development and Production environments.

IBM Almaden March, 2003 – April, 2004

• Performed a sabbatical assignment at IBM to author a Redbook, on DB2 performance expert.

PNC Bank June, 2003 – Feb, 2004

• Provided Performance tuning services by monitoring and tuning SQL performance and overall sub system performance in PeopleSoft Financial implementation Established guidelines for Database change methodology and helped automate DB2 maintenance utilities for the customer.

PeopleSoft Inc January, 2000 – May, 2003

• Worked on engagements throughout US and Europe and delivered many architecture assessments and database System audits for various Customers. Wrote the first PeopleSoft white paper on UNIX Systems Services to provide PeopleSoft customers with very good basic information on the proper usage and configuration of USS for a PeopleSoft 8.x configuration. Authored the red paper titled ‘Implementing Unix system services for PeopleTools 8.
• Provided customers with focused expertise in tuning General Ledger Journal Edit & Post, Allocations and Journal generator batch processes in DB2 zOS systems. Helped customers meet adequate throughput utilizing less resources by tuning SQLs, processes and doing routine DBA maintenance.
• Assisted customers by being at the forefront of tuning massive batch processes in Pay cycle manager, Time Admin, Paycalc and Payconfirm processes.
• In addition to helping customers with DBA activities, provided SMP/E installation and customization of DB2 Version 7 for PeopleSoft internal DB2 systems.
• Clients include many large installations such as Verizon, State Farm, Caterpillar, Swiss Re, Citigroup, Bearing Point and UPS.

Cap Gemini January, 1997 – July, 1999

• Worked as a DBA Consultant for a large banking company in New York mainly to improve the performance and throughput of batch operations. Contributed to the company’s cost saving measures, with various suggestions to improve the performance of a number of applications, which resulted in savings of over a million dollars annually. Streamlined the procedures to convert the databases from old obsolete design to better performing databases. Upgraded the DB2 sub system from Version 4 to Version 5.1.2. Provided DBA support for the corporation to design and build database backup, Runstats and Reorg Processes. Functioned as a member of the core systems programming team.
• Worked as a consultant for a large insurance company to redesign the batch interfaces for better performance and throughput. As a member of the key data model team, suggested remedies in data model to improve performance. Worked as a DB2 DBA for the application and set up the recovery procedures for the database. By SQL tuning, brought down the batch processing time from 14 hours to 2 hours of elapsed time.
• During the tenure as a warehouse DBA/Systems Programmer, developed design changes to enhance the existing Data Warehouse system and also provided DBA/Systems Programming support to PROD database. Designed and developed a Copy procedure, which accepts various parameters, to copy Production data to Test environment while maintaining the referential integrity, resulting in huge space savings. Designed a simple Assembler based data encryption technique that eliminated the need for massive data storage of over 100GB.

Wipro Systems January, 1993 – December, 1996

• Worked as a Consultant for a large medical systems company in Milwaukee to maintain their DB2 sub systems and provide DBA support. Served as a Lead DB2 Strategist for the organization. Upgraded the sub system from version 2.3 to version 4.0.
• During the early days of DB2 V 2.3, when the number of toolsets available was fairly limited, wrote an Assembler program that invoked DFHSM to migrate the DB2 Archive log in DASD to TAPE as soon as the archival is complete. This eliminated frequent system outages due to unavailable space in archive volume.
• Additional roles include design and development of automation tools to increase DBA productivity, facilitate discovery of potential problems, thereby maintaining an installation wide standard.
• Started very early as a Systems Programmer to perform DB2 database and system administration, Capacity planning, and disk space management. Functioned as a Backup MVS administrator. In this capacity he has been responsible for DB2 installation, migration and upgrades. Designed and developed a Database Request System using ISPF Dialog services that simplified and streamlined the procedures for maintenance requests made to DBAs and System Programmers. The unique experience gained in this assignment involving REXX, CLISTS and Assembler programming actually helped my systems programming career.
• Worked as a software developer working as part of the team that coded & tested the Order Management Module in CICS, VSAM and DB2 for one of Wipro’s customers.

Nov – 2007, IDUG Europe 2007, Athens, Greece
Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) for DB2 DBA/Systems Programmer

May – 2007, IDUG 2007, SanJose-CA
Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) for DB2 DBA/Systems Programmer

May – 2004, IDUG 2004, Orlando-FL
Tips for managing PeopleSoft online performance

Aug – 2003, Share 2003, Washington-DC
Achieving peak performance with PeopleSoft applications for DB2/Z-OS

May – 2003, IDUG 2003, Las Vegas
Fundamentals of PeopleSoft performance for DB2/Z-OS

Feb – 2003, Share 2003, Dallas
Achieving peak performance with PeopleSoft applications for DB2/Z-OS

July – 2002, PeopleSoft advisor live web cast
Fundamentals of performance tuning for PeopleSoft applications on DB2/OS-390

Feb – 2002, PeopleSoft advisor live web cast
Achieving high performance and high availability with PeopleSoft 8 applications

Winter – 2001, PeopleSoft North East regional user groups
Introduction to PeopleSoft Internet architecture

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